British Airways To Celebrate Centenary With Four Part TV Series

British Airways is to add to its centenary celebrations with a four-part television documentary. The first episode featuring the London based carrier will air on Thursday.

British Airways, tv series, documentary
British Airways has produced a four-part documentary. Photo: British Airways

At Simple Flying, we love a documentary about aviation. Whether it’s to do with history, airports, airlines, or something else, there always seems to be something to learn. Some documentaries are amazing, and others aren’t so great. However, “British Airways 24/7: Access All Areas” looks to have something for everybody. Let’s take a look at what the airline has in store for us over the next four weeks.

Delivering a Boeing 787

Camera crews have been following the British Airways team around the world for the past nine months. In fact, we saw the camera crew at the delivery of British Airway’s first Airbus A350 earlier this month.

British Airways, TV Series, Documentary
Film crews have been following British Airways for the past nine months. Photo: British Airways

One of the items explored during the documentary is the delivery of a Boeing 787 from Boeing’s Seattle plant. Gavin Shearer, British Airways’ Aircraft Delivery Manager, heads out to Seattle in order to acquire the 30th Boeing 787 aircraft according to a British Airways press release.

Speaking about his role, Mr. Shearer said: “It really is an enormous privilege to be in charge of delivering these incredible, modern planes for British Airways”. British Airways provided a short clip of the Seattle delivery:

Video: British Airways

Inside Do&Co

The documentary also looks at British Airways’ partnership with the catering company Do&Co. The program talks to chef Mark Tazzioli who explains the importance of umami in airline catering.

Umami, or the savory taste, is the focus for Do&Co as it can really bring out flavors at altitude. Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Herbs, and Spices are especially important as passengers’ ability to taste can be cut by up to 30% by the cabin atmosphere. British Airways treated us to another clip about the Importance of umami:

Video: British Airways

 Airbus A350 arrival

The documentary will also take a look at the delivery of the airline’s first Airbus A350, G-XWBA. Simple Flying was on hand to report on the day in case you can’t wait for the documentary. Be sure to be on the lookout for us in the background!

British Airways, TV series, Documentary
Films crews were at the delivery of the airlines first Airbus A350 aircraft. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

British Airways 24/7: Access All Areas airs on Thursday at 21:00 on Channel Five in the United Kingdom. The full documentary will take place over the course of four weeks.

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