British Airways Schedules The Airbus A350 On 4 US Routes

British Airways has scheduled four new Airbus A350 flights which will commence in April and August. These will be the first United States routes that the Airbus A350 will operate on.

British Airways, United States, Airbus A350
British Airways has plans to send the Airbus A350 to four US destinations. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

British Airways received its first Airbus A350 in July. The aircraft then took its maiden passenger flight a week later to Madrid. By the end of the year, there should be four A350s in the British Airways fleet, however, the fourth was damaged during painting earlier this year. So far, the airline has operated the A350 to Madrid, Dubai, Toronto, and Tel Aviv.

Four US Destinations

The Airbus A350 is set to fly to four destinations within the United States, with the first ones starting at the end of March. Head For Points’ Rhys spotted that the A350 has been inserted into the schedule to fly to Philadelphia and Washington DC from the 29th of March. British Airways confirmed that these routes are planned. However, as the dates are subject to change, they were unable to confirm them.

Additionally, British Airways pointed out that two more destinations that the airline plans to send the Airbus A350 to next year. The Airbus A350 is scheduled to serve Austin from the 29th of March when the IATA summer schedule goes live. Again, the dates as they are subject to change.

British Airways, United States, Airbus A350
British Airways received its first Airbus A350 in July. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Passengers will have to wait slightly longer for the fourth destination, which is currently listed as commencing on the 1st of August. The aircraft will take over on one of British Airways’ daily Boston flights. However, once more, the date is subject to change.

As is always the case, flight schedules are subject to change at short notice, and it is impossible to guarantee the aircraft in the schedule at the time of booking. As such, if you plan to take one of these flights just to fly on the A350, you should do so with caution.

Club Suite

The aircraft type will become the third to fly British Airways’ new business class Club Suite to the United States. A retrofitted Boeing 777 has already flown stateside with the cabin. Additionally, early next year, the airline’s first Boeing 787-10 with the Club Suite fitted will fly to Atlanta. The Airbus A350 will, however, not contain a First cabin.

A350 Club Suite
The Airbus A350 Introduced the new Club Suite. Photo: British Airways

The Club Suite sees a significant upgrade to the old business class product, cutting the configuration to 1-2-1. Each passenger gets their own suite with a door that closes fully, in addition to a host of other amenities. You can read our thoughts on the new suite here!

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