British Airways Upgrading First & Business Class Champagne Selection

British Airways has always been praised for the fine selection of champagne and wines and hence their announcement for a change in their champagne list was welcomed with a bit of a surprise. The initial shock that the company may reduce the options aboard its planes, however, turned out to be completely unnecessary, since BA champagne list is actually growing. Passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy a great selection of additional sparkling wine both while flying and on the ground.

British Airways Champagne

British Airways Champagne is offered to passengers traveling in first and business class. As of 2016, the airline has also started treating its premium short-haul passengers with the best selection of champagne. Thus, as of February 1, 2016 travelers in the airline’s Club Europe Cabin were able to enjoy a sip of Champagne de Castelnau Reserve Brut NV.

It is worth mentioning that the airline has earned its place among the carriers offering the best champagne on their flights mainly due to its iconic Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle that costs $129 per bottle.

British Airways have previously shared that they serve more than 2 million bottles of champagne per year, which is quite a significant investment given the fact that they offer a great selection of some pretty expensive brands as the Grand Siecle.

Now, the airline has decided to take on board English sparkling wine to improve the selection it already offers. The move is probably related to the incentive undertaken by several airlines to improve their wine lists. Singapore Airlines, for example, started offering its first-class passengers 2004 Krug last year, while Emirates serves Dom Perignon 2000 P2.

This new way of pampering its passengers is actually part of an ambitious £4.5bn investment that aims to improve the overall customer services offered by British Airways.

New Selection of BA champagne

The new selection of sparkling wines will be offered to passengers traveling in BA First class cabin and lounges, and in BA Club World cabin, which is their long-haul business class. If you have a flight booked with the airline, you will be able to taste the following types of BA Champagne:

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  • Canard-Duchêne Charles VII Champagne and Champagne Jeeper Brut Grand Rosé in British Airways First Lounges
  • Gusbourne, English Sparkling Wine and Lanson Rosé Champagne in British Airways First Class
  • Canard-Duchêne Cuvee Léonie Brut Champagne and Champagne Besserat de Bellefon in British Airways Club World Cabin

The beloved Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle will continue to be served in First and Castelnau champagne will also be offered to passengers in the business class Galleries Lounges. The passengers traveling in Club Europe will also continue to enjoy the sparkling wines and they will be offered Castelnau champagne in quarter-sized bottles.

British Airways £4.5bn investment program

BA champagne first class increased choice is part of the airline £4.5bn investment program that aims to improve the overall customer service. There is a five-year plan to offer more possibilities and amenities for the travelers that facilitate their flights and on-the-ground stay. Improved food and drink is one of the main items on the program and part of the focus is on Club World. The investment of £600 million envisages new restaurant-like dining service to go along BA champagne selection. There will be new sleep propositions with luxurious bedding provided by The White Company.

Some other items to be covered by the £4.5bn investment include providing best WiFi quality and power for every seat, retrofitting one of their aircraft as well as purchasing 72 new planes.

With British Airways’ new £4.5bn investment in customer experience the airline is to reach another phase of growth and stability on the market.

British Airways First class travel has always been recognized as one of the best in the world and now with the new English sparkling wine t can only get better.

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