British Airways Ready For Surge In Travel Of Vaccinated Passengers

British Airways is back in business, at least when we come to the business of flying passengers around Europe and the world. Yesterday, the airline saw a 96% increase in individuals searching for flights, with many of these likely to translate into bookings.

The UK Government’s latest update will lead to a surge in demand for British Airways. Photo: Getty Images

Widespread travel from Britain is back on the cards following yesterday’s announcement on quarantine free travel from Grant Shapps. With passengers able to travel once more, demand is picking up again, and the British airlines are all too keen to cater to this demand after a disastrous start to the year so far.

What to expect traveling with British Airways

A lot has changed at British Airways and in the aviation industry as a whole due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From health passports to a new catering offer, we decided to look at what to expect from the British flag carrier in the coming months.

Firstly, passengers will most likely need to carry some form of COVID-19 certification to travel. This includes mandatory tests before traveling to the UK and perhaps vaccination status. Similar to the process of checking visas at the airport, these can all be checked by a member of staff before travel.

However, to cut airport wait times and uncertainty, British Airways has launched several initiatives. Those traveling to the UK may wish to use the VeriFLY app to receive digital documents verification before even leaving home.

Those fully vaccinated in the UK won’t have to quarantine on their return to England. Photo: Getty Images

Additionally, the pandemic has allowed the British flag carrier to overhaul its onboard catering offer. Initially, the short-haul buy-on-board menu was suspended and replaced with a complimentary snack and bottle of water. The bottle of water will remain going forwards. While food must still be purchased in short-haul economy, the airline has moved from a buy-on-board offer to a buy before you fly proposition called Speedbird Cafe.

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A boon for British Airways

According to British Airways, it flies to more green and amber destinations than any other UK Airline. In total, this equates to 43 destinations. Yesterday’s announcement will come as a huge boon for both British Airways and its employees.

British Airways, Staff, Furlough
More flights operated will mean that British Airways needs more members of staff. Photo: British Airways

The airline previously had to send employees back to furlough when the government’s green list was shrunk rather than expanded. This was because wide-scale tourist operations to anything other than a green destination were unlikely to generate enough demand. Now that vaccinated people are treated as coming from a green list country when flying from an amber country, demand for flights will likely shoot through the roof, allowing British Airways to properly bring back staff and aircraft.

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