British Airways Follows American Airlines By Launching Verifly Health Passport

Today, British Airways has revealed that it would follow its joint business partner American Airlines in launching the Verifly digital health passport. Starting on February 4th, passengers traveling from London to the United States will be able to use the app to confirm that they meet the travel requirements.

British Airways, Verifly, Health Passport
British Airways is launching a digital health passport next week. Photo: Vincenzo Pace –

For a while now, COVID-19 tests have been an essential part of the COVID-19 travel experience. However, declaring one’s vaccination status could also become a vital part of the travel experience as the vaccine becomes more widespread. Some airlines such as Qantas have even said that vaccines will be mandatory. Airlines are turning to technology to keep track of these requirements.

British Airways turns to Verifly

British Airways is turning to the app Verifly to certify test certificates and required travel documentation for flights to the United States from February 4th. British Airways is working on adding US-UK flights to the app in a future release. The app will allow customers to complete all verification before leaving home, leading to a faster experience at the airport.

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The app allows customers to pre-submit items that would usually be checked at the airport. This allows both the airline and passengers to avoid a potential contact point at the airport and makes traveling more seamless.

British Airways, Verifly, Health Passport
The app will initially be just for passengers traveling from the UK to the US. Photo: British Airways

The Verifly app allows passengers to upload all necessary details, such as the outcome of a COVID-19 test. It will then display a pass or fail message, depending on if the passenger meets the requirements required. In the future, the app will be adapted to make sure that passengers have a valid need to travel, as was mandated by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week.

British Airways chose to use Verifly, as it is the app that partner American Airlines has been using since November. There is currently a range of other solutions being developed, including the IATA Travel Pass.

Other options remain for passengers

Of course, not everybody has a smartphone. As such, the use of the app won’t be made mandatory. Passengers traveling to the US with British Airways will continue to be able to verify travel eligibility at the airport in person.

British Airways, Verifly, Health Passport
The app asks people to upload information that would usually be presented at the airport. Photo: British Airways

Commenting on the roll-out of the app, British Airways CEO Sean Doyle said,

“Although flying is currently restricted, it is essential we do as much as we can now to help those who are eligible to fly and prepare to help our customers navigate the complexities around changing global entry requirements when the world re-opens. We remain focused and committed to finding user-friendly, evidence-based solutions to make journeys as seamless they can be.”

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