Bat In Business Class Forces Air India Newark Flight To Return To Delhi

In a bizarre situation this week, an Air India flight from Delhi to Newark was forced to return due to a bat in the cabin. Passengers and crew noticed the animal around 20 minutes after takeoff and promptly reported it to the pilots. The aircraft safely landed in Delhi two hours following departure after burning fuel and the bat was removed.

Air India Boeing 777-300ER
The flight was delayed by four hours due to the incident and subsequent aircraft change. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying


According to NDTV, the incident occurred on Air India flight AI105 from New Delhi to Newark on Thursday (27th May). The flight departed at 02:28 AM local time for the 15-hour journey to the US. However, roughly 20 minutes into the flight, passengers and crew in business class realized something shocking: there was an unwelcome guest onboard.

While on the ground, a bat seems to have entered the plane and evaded the detection of the cabin crew during pre-flight checks. Once in the air, the bat took to the skies once again, with passengers onboard recording videos of the animal flying through the aircraft.

Upon noticing the bat flying through the aircraft (in clear defiance of safety rules during takeoff may we add), the crew quickly informed the pilots. As is the procedure, the flight turned back around to Delhi to remove the bat as soon as possible.

Turning around

However, landing a Boeing 777-300ER filled with fuel for a 15-hour flight is not simple as it seems. Due to the aircraft’s weight, the plane had to first circle over Delhi Airport to reach the maximum landing weight permitted. Landing without burning fuel can result in a hard landing, possibly structurally damaging the aircraft.

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This meant the terrified travelers onboard were forced to spend nearly one and a half hours with the free-riding passenger. The aircraft landed safely in Delhi at 04:20 AM local time, a full two hours after first taking off.

The bat, and all the passengers onboard, were forced to return to Delhi after two hours in the sky. Data and Map:

Upon landing, the passengers promptly disembarked and a fumigation team was sent onboard to deal with the bat. The remains of the bat were removed from seat row 8 a while later, bringing the situation end.

In a statement, a DGCA official said,

“Air India B777-300ER aircraft VT-ALM operating Flight AI – 105 (Delhi- Newark) was involved in air-turn-back due to bat reported in the cabin by cabin crew after departure. Fuel was jettisoned and the aircraft landed safely at Delhi. After landing fumigation was carried out and a dead bat carcass was retrieved from seat 8DEF area.”

New plane

Due to the incident, the original aircraft (registration VT-ALM) was grounded, and a new plane was called in. The remaining passengers to Newark were accommodated on another 777-300ER, registration VT-ALU, which departed Delhi at 06:37 AM local time, arriving in the US just under four hours late (and with a thorough check for unwanted bats).

Air India 777-300ER
Passengers were switched to another aircraft for their flight. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

According to an initial report from Air India’s engineering team, the bat possibly entered during the food loading process. While the door was opening for the catering vehicle, the animal seems to have sneaked in. However, we will know once a full investigation has been completed.