Rapper Busta Rhymes Brings BA First Class Passenger To Tears

Talk about losing your cool. As reported by multiple sources including View From The Wing, American rapper Busta Rhymes was onboard a British Airways flight when he started an argument with a fellow passenger over baggage space. It almost came to blows if it wasn’t for the intervention of another passenger on board.

British Airways 747
BA offer a four class service on their 747s or 777s from Heathrow to New York. Photo: BA

What are the details?

The American rapper was boarding British Airways flight BA112, flying from JFK in New York to London Heathrow, when he discovered that the bin space above his seat was occupied by luggage from another passenger.

This other passenger, who had boarded earlier and found that their seat 2E did not come with bin space above, was well within their right to place their luggage as close as possible to themselves even at the expense of the late-arriving passenger who’s seat was directly underneath.

BA first class
British Airways First Class. Photo: British Airways

Busta Rhymes did not see it the same way and demanded that his luggage should be above his seat and that the other passenger should move their luggage to the other side of the plane. He was apparently so aggressive that he pushed the female passenger to tears, causing her husband to get involved.

“I could tell immediately that this would only end in an argument so I suggested to my wife that she just move her bags to avoid confrontation … my wife quite rightfully responded “why should I, we are supposed to share this bin” … this is when the artist flew off the handle: “move your stuff, now” … he was towering over my wife’s seat and she was terrified … I stood up and asked him to “not be so rude to my wife” and to “leave it” to which he responded with “then let’s go, homeboy … essentially offering me to fight him!!!!”Husband of the female passenger

Busta Rymes was also traveling with his manager and six members of his entourage crew, all of which were rather large and intimidating to the other passengers.

Rapper Busta Rhymes. Photo: Wikimedia

What happened next?

Then a fellow passenger got involved, standing up to defend the couple who were being abused.

“A woman started to cry and the situation escalated very quickly. I then jumped in as I can’t tolerate any case of abusive behavior. He threatened me personally because I jumped in. The CSD got involved. The Captain decided to not offload him (don’t ask me why because we really don’t know, we were all shocked at his judgment call). Instead, the crew asked if any of us would feel safer by taking the next flight.” – Fellow passenger who stepped up to help defend the couple. 

The cabin services director got involved and de-escalated the situation, asking if a passenger wanted to board a later flight if they did not feel safe. This event caused the flight to depart 30 minutes late.

At this time, it is not clear why Busta Rhymes was not deplaned nor authorities involved. The rapper continued onto his connecting flight to Mykonos, Greece unhindered.

British Airways 747 (Oneworld livery)
Photo: James Wang / Wikimedia Commons

British Airways replied to Simple Flying with the following statement regarding this incident.

“Our customers and crews deserve to enjoy their flights, and not to suffer any form of abuse. This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated, and the appropriate action will always be taken.”

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