Canada Is About To Get A Low Cost Airline Like Ryanair

Indigo Partners has made some headlines in the airline realm recently with their planned investment in Wow Air.

Now, it seems Canada is their next target. Indigo Partners has recently announced that they will turn Enerjet into a Canadian low-cost carrier.

Canada Is About To Get A Low Cost Airline Like Ryanair
Indigo Partners is investing in Canadian airline Enerjet.

Indigo Partners is a major Airbus customer so we wouldn’t be surprised to see Enerjet getting some A320neos. In the past, Enerjet has flown Boeing 737s as they focused on their charter services.

Flying from Canada can become quite expensive. Canada’s airports are known for their higher fees. As such, this news brings more competition into the Canadian market that will hopefully drive down fares.

While no routes have been determined, Enerjet is looking into domestic and trans-border routes to the United States.

Enerjet is headed by Tim Morgan who was a WestJet co-founder. Upon announcing the launch of the low-cost carrier, Tim Morgan stated:

“We believe there are millions of Canadians who would jump at the chance to have a simple, safe, and affordable alternative to the sky-high costs of air travel”- Tim Morgan, CEO of Enerjet

Enerjet is expected to be renamed in anticipation of the launch.

Low-Cost Carriers in Canada

Low-cost carriers are not new in the Canadian market. WestJet formerly operated as a low-cost carrier before starting the transition to a full-service carrier. In that process, WestJet created their own low-cost carrier named Swoop.

Swoop Airlines 737
Swoop began flights on 20th June 2018. Photo: Swoop Airlines

Air Canada also has their own low-cost carrier in Air Canada Rouge.

Rouge Airlines
Rouge is the LCC arm of Air Canada

In addition, Air Transat, Sunwing Airlines, and Flair Airlines also operate as low-cost carriers.

Canada is also expecting the launch of flights for another low-cost carrier: Canada Jetlines.

Enerjet is expected to launch their first flights in September. Once Enerjet launches, Canada will have seven low-cost carriers and two full-service carriers vying for a share of the market.

We’ll be tracking the expansion of this new carrier and keep you posted.

Would you like to fly on this new Canadian low-cost carrier? Let us know in the comments below!