Canadian North Plots Nonstop Flights From Canada To Greenland

Canadian North is plotting nonstop flights from Canada to Greenland. The airline has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Air Greenland that commits the two airlines to explore a partnership for air service and sustainable tourism. The plan is for Canadian North to add two Boeing 737-700s for flights to the island.

Canadian NOrth Boeing 737
Canadian North is planning Boeing 737 flights to Greenland. Photo: Johnnyw3 via Wikimedia Commons

Canadian North exploring flights to Greenland

Canadian North and Air Greenland signed a letter of intent in Ilulissat, Greenland, on January 27th, 2020. The LOI’s purpose was to lead into an exploration partnership between the two airlines for sustainable tourism development between Canada and Greenland.

The LOI, viewed by Simple Flying, did not list specifics regarding the partnership. Rather, the two airlines highlighted the “enormous potential” for trade, tourism, and cultural connectivity between Greenland and North America.

Canadian North Boeing 737
Canadian North flies Boeing 737 aircraft across Canada. Photo: Shawn via Wikimedia Commons

However, the official moves were not released publicly until December 9th, when, in a presentation to the Greenland Conference 2020, Canadian North’s Executive Chairman, Johnny N. Adams, provided an update on the next steps. Given the pandemic’s material impact, both airlines delayed the presentation of the LOI and planned flights.

However, now, given the start of the distribution of the vaccine, the two carriers are looking ahead to the flights.

Canadian North’s proposed flights to Greenland

Adams stated the following:

“Now that there is a vaccine in distribution, it’s time to start looking ahead to partnering on flights through Ottawa-Iqaluit-Nuuk and Ottawa-Iqaluit-Ilulissat. We’d also like to connect Greenland directly with southern Canada, possibly via Toronto during the tourism season, which includes March, April and August to October.”

Canadian North President and CEO, Chris Avery, said that the airline would be adding two Boeing 737-700 aircraft next year for direct flights from Toronto to either Nuuk or Ilulissat.

Canadian Norht 737
Canadian North will acquire two Boeing 737-700s for Greenland flights. Photo: Canadian North

There are currently no nonstop flights to Greenland on either Air Greenland or Canadian North metal. However, the two airlines recognize the possibility for flights and the cultural heritage that has preceded these flights as reasons to look at linking Greenland to North America.

The main international airport in Greenland is the Kangerlussuaq Airport. From here, Air Greenland flies jet aircraft, including a widebody Airbus A330, for flights as far as Copenhagen.

Canadian North and Air Greenland

Canadian North is a 100% Inuit-owned airline that focuses its operations throughout Northern Canada. The airline operates Boeing 737 aircraft. This includes Boeing 737-200 Combi aircraft, Boeing 737-300s, Boeing 737-300 Combi aircraft, Boeing 737-400s, Boeing 737-400 Combi aircraft, and ATR turboprops.

Canadian North
Canadian North already flies Boeing 737 aircraft. Photo: Patrick Handrigan via Wikimedia Commons

Air Greenland is the flag carrier of the world’s largest island. It flies an Airbus A330-200, Dash-8-200s, Super King Air, and a fleet of various helicopters to connect remote communities in Greenland. The A330 will be upgraded to the A330-800neo, hopefully by the end of next year.

Air Greenland
Air Greenland flies an Airbus A330 to Denmark. Photo: Aero Icarus via Flickr

This is a unique partnership for sure, but it could work. Canadian North makes flying what would appear to be some of the lowest-demand routes work by connecting the communities that need to be connected. This would also mark a connection between Greenland and North America that could open up sustainable tourism options.

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