The Cape Air Provincetown Plane Crash – What We Know

Earlier this week, a Cessna 402C belonging to Massachusetts-based regional carrier Cape Air crashed on landing in Provincetown (PVC). It had been operating a flight from Boston Logan International (BOS). Let’s take a look at what we know about the incident.

Cape Air Cessna 402s
The majority of aircraft in Cape Air’s fleet are Cessna 402s. Photo: redlegsfan21 via Flickr

The flight in question

Cape Air is a Hyannis-based airline, whose full legal name is Hyannis Air Service, which operates various regional routes in the northeast of the US. Its flights between Hyannis and Nantucket operate under a separate brand, known as Nantucket Airlines.

On September 9th, one of its flights crashed while landing at Provincetown Municipal Airport in Massachusetts. This small regional facility has a single 1,067-meter long runway, and is situated at the northern tip of Cape Cod by the North Atlantic Ocean.

FlightGlobal reports that the aircraft operating this flight bore the registration N88833. According to data from, this plane is a 41-year-old Cessna 402C. The flight departed Boston at 15:04 local time, reaching Provincetown 26 minutes later.

Cape Air Flightpath
The flight path of N88833 on its flight from BOS to PVC on September 9th. Image:

Six passengers onboard

Upon landing at Provincetown, N88833 reportedly overshot the runway, crashing and coming to a rest amid low trees by the airport’s perimeter. FlightGlobal reports that poor weather is thought to have been a contributing factor, with heavy rain and mist having been present at the time. Fox News adds that there were six passengers and one pilot onboard.

Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported as a result of the accident. Nonetheless, some passengers are believed to have suffered injuries including burns. Cape Air confirmed on Twitter that all seven occupants had been taken to hospital, and that it is working with the NTSB and local authorities regarding the crash. In a statement on its website, it explains:

Cape Air confirms an incident involving Flight 2072 traveling from Boston Logan International to Provincetown Airport. Upon landing at Provincetown Airport, the plane exited the runway. Six passengers and one crew member were onboard.”

Cape Air Cessna 402C
N88833, the aircraft involved, is a 41-year-old Cessna 402C. Photo: cv880m via Flickr

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Dedicated communications channels

Cape Air has set up two dedicated phone numbers for friends and relatives of the occupants of the flight in question. It has also put together an online passenger inquiry form. The airline has asked the public to be considerate when getting in touch. It explains:

Those who believe that they may have loved ones onboard Flight 2072 should call our Family Assistance Number 888-253-4115 or 209-208-6717. We ask that this number not be used for other inquiries. Please help us keep the line available for those who truly need it.”

Autumn Kerr, a passenger on the flight, told local news channel WHDH in an interview that the pilot helped her from the wreckage. She credits him for saving her life, as “he came back and unbuckled” her seatbelt, which she had been unable to release in the aftermath.

* Simple Flying has reached out to Cape Air for further information regarding this incident. We did not receive a response by the time of publication, but will update the article accordingly upon learning further details on the matter. *