Feline Fine: Cat Enjoys Private Transatlantic Boeing 767 Flight

As everyone knows, cats deserve only the best. So it was only a matter of time until one had its own private widebody plane to jet about in. While there may have been some human activity involved, one fluffy feline recently had the chance to loll about the cabin on one of the most luxurious VIP jets – the recently upgraded SkyLady of Comlux. Read along for a taste of the four-legged high-life.

Comlux 767
The VIP cat traveled across the Atlantic on Comlux’s recently refurbished flagship Boeing 767 – the SkyLady. Photo: Comlux

Free to move about the cabin

Anyone who has ever flown with their pet knows it can involve a lot of hassle. If you are lucky, they are small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. However, even then, especially if you are the human of a feline, there is the potential for things to go awry. In the best-case scenario, this will involve some scratch marks. In the worst case, an escaped kitten and even a diverted flight.

There is, of course, a simple solution. Charter your own widebody private jet and give your four-legged friends all the freedom to roam about and stretch their legs. VIP aircraft specialists Comlux recently posted a video of one lucky cat who seems to be enjoying the widespread views from way up high. And, naturally, what cats do best – lounging lazily in the sunlight.

Who the human companion of the beautiful VIP-guest was remains a secret. However, we are certain that they, and the Comlux crew, are aware that the Lillies in the vase nearby are deadly toxic to cats and made sure that there was a safe distance kept at all times.

767 Bedroom Comlux
Not a bad space to stretch out on, even though it seems the kitty in question preferred the window sill.Photo: Comlux

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Traveling in style

The transatlantic transportation was provided by Comlux’s flagship Boeing 767-200, nicknamed the SkyLady. Registered as P4-CLA with Comlux Aruba, it is close to 20 years old has been with the operator since 2011. It was first delivered to the government of Kazakhstan in 2002, already configured for VIP operations.

The aircraft was recently refurbished with a maintenance and upgrade program that took four months and was completed in September last year. The luxurious cabin is divided into six independent areas and can seat a maximum of 55 people. It is unclear how many cats this translates to. The interior features a master bedroom with an ensuite full-size shower.

767 Interior
The recently refurbished SkyLady interior features six independent areas. However, it seems to be lacking in scratch poles. Photo: Comlux

The SkyLady can fly for 15 hours straight. However, it is blocked from public flight tracking websites, and as such it is difficult to say which exact route may have been operated with the precious cargo of purrfection on board.

Even the rich and famous need ESAs

It is unclear whether or not the kitty was en route to one of its surely multiple homes, or traveling in the capacity of someone’s emotional support animal. Even Superman himself, Henry Cavill, has admitted to getting the pre-flight jitters. As such, he brings his American Akita named Kal-El with him on all his transatlantic flights.

Although, cats would probably make for terrible emotional support animals. As all cat-guardians know, felines exist entirely for themselves. Still, it was nice of the humans to rent the SkyLady for their highness’ pleasure.