Cathay Pacific A350 Falls Into A Ditch At Tel Aviv Airport

A brand new A350 Cathay Pacific plane has fallen into a ditch during pushback at Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) in Israel.

This is not only embarrassing for the airport and the airline. Currently, the plane appears to still be stuck after five hours with no chance of being pulled out.

This story and images come courtesy from TLV Plane Spotters group on Facebook.

The Cathay Pacific plane stuck in a ditch at Tel Aviv Airport in Israel.

What happened?

Cathay Pacific flight 676 (TLV-HKG) was departing on a normal service when during pushback, the wheels sank into the soft pavement and into a ditch.

Featured Video:

The flight map of the plane, showing where it got stuck.

At first, it looks like it the plane is just sitting normally on the taxiway, but upon close inspection, the wheels have actually been pushed into the concrete.

Cathay Pacific
The wheels of the Cathay Pacific A350 have sunk into the soft concrete.

Passengers had to be deplaned, bussed and placed onto other flights to compensate, whilst officials brainstorm on how to get the plane out.

Internet commentators have been quick to offer solutions:

Worst comes to worst they can get a crane to lift the aircraft and voila. – Marie Mariani

And some were not as helpful as others:

If that was a Boeing they would rev up the engines and move right out lol – Steven Dunkleman

Needless to say, this is a problem for the airline, as having a brand new A350 out of action for even a few hours is a huge loss in terms of revenue.

“One immobilized aircraft is a big money loss for the airline. Also they need to accommodate passengers or reroute them on other flights. I am sure they will determine who is responsible for this if the flight crew or the tow machine operator. One less plane in the sky is still a loss for the airline.” – Marie Mariani

Cathay Pacific has been contacted for comment on this issue.

The Cathay plane is still stuck after five hours.

This is a developing story at this time. Let us know what you think in the comments.

  1. There is no ditch just soft or unsupported concrete that gave way to the large load. Maybe a sink hole . Should be able to jack it up and put steel plates over the sink holes.

  2. How can this be an embarrassment to the airline when the push back is undertaken by the ground handling and an airport issue. Please proof read your articles before posting media sensation news.

  3. “Okay. But you keep those dinky toys out of my hair and away from this plane for 15 minutes, maybe less. I’ll DRIVE it out.”- Actor George Kennedy aka Joe Patroni – from the old 1970 movie “Airport”.

  4. Ted Striker: “Surely you can’t be serious.”
    Dr. Rumack: “I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley.”

    -Airplane!, 1980

  5. Pour in sharp sand then rock it gently back and forward for the sand to work under wheels lifting it up with each cycle until it is clear enough to roll out.

  6. What is all these dramas? Place a heavy duty airbag as ones used in raising heavy loads between the under carriage wheels and raise it from the hole. Once done place steel plates under the wheels and lower the airbags and hey presto, plane is back on solid ground. No big deal. Doing it this way will avoid any further damage if any and a good check of the undercarriage involved should not take that long.

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