Cathay Pacific Now Serves Vegan Pork On In Flight Menus


A major airline has revealed new plans to serve vegan pork on board its aircraft. Cathay Pacific will serve the plant-based pork alternative Omnipork, according to Green Queen, which will be the first time that the vegan food will have been made available to passengers in the air. Omnipork is a form of minced pork entirely consisting of plant-based materials.

Cathay A350
Cathay Pacific will serve vegan pork on its aircraft for the first time. Photo: Cathay Pacific.

Vegan pork

Cathay Pacific is partnering with Green Monday in order to provide the new vegan pork meals. The airline previously served the plant-based beef alternative ‘Beyond Meat’ in The Pier Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport.

From October, business class travelers on long-haul Cathay Pacific flights departing from Hong Kong will be able to order Omnipork Bolognese with Garganelli Pasta. In the meantime, Cathay Pacific has indicated its intention to develop further Omnipork dishes, with the aim of catering for a growing number of passengers that consume plant-based diets.

Green Monday CEO and Founder David Yeung told Green Queen that the new initiative from Cathay Pacific is a response to customer demand.

“One of the most frequently received requests by our team is to collaborate with airlines to increase and improve in-flight plant-based options. We appreciate that the Cathay Pacific team sees the need to cater to passengers with various dietary needs…as it sets an example for its industry peers. We are confident that when it comes to the possibilities of new-generation plant-based food, the sky is not the limit,” Yeung commented.

Cathay Pacific will help to reduce its carbon footprint by introducing vegan meals. Photo: Aero Icarus via Flickr.

Ecologically friendly

Omnipork is based on a combination of pea protein, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms and rice, and has a taste that is very close to minced pork. Aside from the ethical advantages of Omnipork, the product also features lower cholesterol in comparison to meat, as well as a vastly reduced carbon footprint. This can be considered critical at a time when the airline industry is looking to become more ecologically friendly.

Omnipork will be available in business class on Cathay. Photo: Cathay Pacific

Pork products with plant-based substitutes can be hugely beneficial for the environment, as this meat is the most widely consumed on the planet. Pork is responsible for 40% of global meat production, meaning that replacing some of this figure will be key in responding to the threat of climate change. Furthermore, it is often noted that pigs are particularly intelligent animals, and even some who consume meat on a regular basis have a tendency to avoid pork products.

African Swine Fever

Problems in Asia with African Swine Fever have also led to the continent to seek alternatives to meat consumption. China has seen over 100 million pigs culled since the epidemic swept the region, and products such as Omnipork can make a positive contribution to dietary shifts under such circumstances. This has played a role in the record growth of Omnipork in this part of the world.

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