Cayman Airways To Resume MAX Flights This Month

Cayman Airways is looking to unground its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft by the end of February. The airline, which has two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, was the first operator to voluntarily ground the type on March 10th following the tragic crash of two other MAXs in similar circumstances.

Boeing 737 MAX, Cayman Airways, Ungrounding
Cayman Airways will resume Boeing 737 MAX flights in the second half of February. Photo: Boeing

The Boeing 737 MAX’s return to service is beginning to gather steam, with more airlines and regulatory bodies recertifying the aircraft and returning it to service. However, it also seems that many airlines are keen to drop the MAX branding altogether when it comes to referencing the aircraft.

Cayman Airways resuming MAX flights

With its brightly colored tails, Cayman Airways is due to resume flights with the Boeing 737 MAX by the end of the month. The decision comes after the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) decided to repeal its ban of operations of the aircraft type in its airspace.

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Cayman Airways is yet to reveal its exact plans to return the type to service. However, it did say that the move would happen in the second half of February. The airline is expected to share details of its return to service plans over the coming weeks, with various ‘activities’ on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac planned.

Transport Canada, Boeing 737 MAX, Recertified
Yesterday, Air Canada became the latest airline to resume Boeing 737 MAX services. Photo: Getty Images

Interestingly, like major MAX customer Ryanair, Cayman Airways appears to have dropped the MAX branding from the infamous aircraft. Instead, throughout the airline’s statement on its return to service, the aircraft is simply referred to as the ‘Boeing 737-8.’

Commenting on the news, Cayman Airways CEO & President Fabian Whorms said,

“Cayman Airways has already completed all the aircraft modifications and improvements necessary to assure safe operation of the aircraft and we are now in the process of implementing several final measures, many of which are above and beyond the prescribed requirements.”

Boeing 737 MAX, Cayman Airways, Ungrounding
Cayman Airways’ second 737 MAX didn’t operate any passenger flights before it was grounded. Photo: Getty Images

Cayman Airways’ MAX fleet

According to data from, Cayman Airways currently has two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in its fleet. Both are leased from ALC,

  • VP-CIW – 2.2 years old – Delivered: November 28th, 2018
  • VP-CIX – 1.8 years old – Delivered: March 6th, 2019

While the airline saw some use from its first Boeing 737 MAX before the grounding, VP-CIX didn’t complete any flights for Cayman Airways in the three days before it was grounded. VP-CIW was flown to Victorville in late February 2020, returning to George Town in September 2020. Meanwhile, CIX flew to Victorville in August 2020, returning to George Town less than a month later.

Before the grounding, CIW was operating flights to destinations such as Tampa, Kingston, New York, Havana, Denver, Chicago, and Miami from its Georgetown base. The airline has four 737 MAX aircraft on order.

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