How Many People Can You Fit In An A330? Cebu Pacific Has The Answer!

Cebu Pacific has placed an order for 16 Airbus A330neo aircraft. However, these aren’t any ordinary A330neos. In fact, they’ll be the densest A330neos to take to the sky. Cebu Pacific plans on outfitting their A330neos with a staggering number of seats.

Cebu Pacific A330neo
Cebu Pacific will fly the densest A330neos in the sky. Photo: Airbus

The order

Airbus announced that Cebu Pacific signed a Memorandum of Understanding, or MoU, for 16 A330neo aircraft at the Paris Air Show. This order also included five A320neo aircraft and 10 A321XLR aircraft. For engines, Cebu Pacific has selected the Rolls-Royce Trent 7000.

Airbus announce cebu order
Cebu Pacific signed an MOU for 16 A330neos. Photo: Airbus

The most interesting part of the order was the number of seats Cebu Pacific plans to outfit on their A330neos. Cebu Pacific’s A330neos will seat 460 passengers in a single-class configuration. That is one dense A330.


Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific is a low-cost carrier based in the Philippines. They fly to various destinations across Asia and even to points in Australia. Cebu Pacific plans on using the A330neo to phase out their A330ceo aircraft. Through this, Cebu Pacific will be able to increase capacity on select routes.

Cebu Pacific A330
Cebu Pacific will replace their A330ceos with A330neo aircraft. Photo: Cebu Pacific

Currently, Cebu Pacific operates eight A330ceo aircraft. Overall, this represents an increase of eight widebodies in Cebu Pacific’s fleet at the conclusion of delivery. Lance Gokongwei, President and CEO of Cebu Pacific, had the following to say about the A330neo in a press release:,

“The A330neo will give us the lowest cost per seat and allow us to continue offering the lowest fares. Moreover, the lower fuel burn matched with higher seat density will allow CEB to address growing demand for leisure and business travel, by upgrading aircraft and maximizing available airport slots in Manila and other megacities we serve” 


It seems that Cebu Pacific is going to selectively target routes for a capacity upgrade instead of using the aircraft to launch new routes. This indicates that Cebu Pacific will take a conservative approach instead of growing massively.

A330 interiors

Personally, I like the A330 due to its 2-4-2 layout in economy. Cebu Pacific, on the other hand, is going for a tight 3-3-3 to maximize space and fit the maximum number of passengers. Legroom will likely be 30 inches (if not less).

Cebu Pacific Interior
Cebu Pacific’s A330s are in a 3-3-3 configuration. Photo: Cebu Pacific

This will make for one interesting long-haul. However, Cebu Pacific will likely use the A330neos on some high-density short-hauls which could be more manageable.


Low-cost carriers are known for high-density configurations (looking at you Ryanair). Cebu Pacific’s A330neos are no exception. These will be the most high-density A330s in the sky.

Will you fly on a Cebu Pacific A330neo? Let us know in the comments!


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I’ve flown their current A330 CEOs (436 seats) to shorter routes (MNLNRT, MNLBKK). Will be flying this to MEL next month. Recently, I choose TG over 5J to DXB because of many factors, never mind the higher price. But once in a while, $200 RT airfares (no add ons yet, though) to Australia are hard to resist. Not to mention one needs to try out the inflight longhaul experience before making a pronouncement whether I will do this again or in the future (with the 460 seater A330NEOs). But for flights within 1600 miles I think these are manageable.


Well it is an interesting discussion. These kind of planes will result in the lowest Co2 footprint per passenger. But I can see the lack of comfort problems as well.


There are lots of relatively small people that wouldn’t be put off by seat densities like this.
For anyone who’s somewhat tall and/or broad, it starts to become somewhat of an issue.
If most of the people on board are Asians, things should go relatively smoothly (on average).
I wonder what the policy will be regarding carry-on baggage?!


You are right for typical Asians, but the younger generations are getting taller , I am 1.95m and my son 1.85m. We had a hard time flying KUL SYD on A330 with 9 seats abreast not due to leg room as we could purchased extra leg room seats but with narrower seats. Asians are mostly wider than average. I would avoid any wide body jets even 787 with 9 abreast seatings.


I wouldn’t fly on it. It would be a huge mess in case of emergency evacuation.


No. I have flown Cebu Pacific’s a330ceo, and they are very dense. I won’t fly in their a330s ever again!!!

Chris Bowd

Cebu Pacific is not the best of airlines and certainly not an airline I would want to fly with in such a dense configuration. I flew them twice from Tokyo Manila, but never again; better to pay 2x on PAL where at least Jaime Bautista and company really do care about passenger comfort.


Cebu Pacific was made for cheap flights. that was the whole concept of a low cost carrier, cheap flights. And that is why it is less comfortable than other airlines e.g PAL. Cebu Pacific is an airline that cares for money and hauling people around in a cheaper way. Not like PAL. You’re comparing 2 airline that are not in the same league.

Matthew in PDX

I can’t see myself flying through The Philippines, however, if I had to go somewhere at short notice and a high density plane was the only choice, sure I’d fly it. In those circumstances I would be expecting the worst in terms of seat comfort and inflight amenities.


thanks for this information – this is definitely one airline to avoid when I go to the Philippines.