China Airlines A350 Business Class Review – 12 Hours In Business Class For $600!


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China Airlines Airbus A350. Photo: Ltdccba via Wikimedia

After a very pleasant experience with China Airlines A350 Business Class last year, I was determined to use the lovely plane again for my flight to Indonesia.

When a great fare from Jakarta to Taipei on their A350 showed up on Mighty Travels Premium I instantly took the opportunity and booked my flight. The airfare in total was a little under $600 round trip for 12 comfortable hours in lie-flat Business Class, which is a solid deal.

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China Airlines has been named the best turnaround airline worldwide. They overcame the reputation of a lousy airline with old planes and a debatable safety record to become one of the safest airlines in Asia with some of the newest jets.


China Airlines Business Class Lounges

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport features a total of four different Business Class lounges for departing China Airlines premium passengers. Even though that’s a lot of lounges, the rules say you can only use one for your flight. The only difference is the occupancy and whether you like modern interior design, which only a few of the lounges have. Unfortunately, most of the lounges lack natural light and there is no view of the planes, or even a view at all.

When I arrived at the gate, boarding hadn’t started yet. Huge lines thronged all over that old part of the terminal, and the boarding announcement was so loud it overpowered my headphones. The overall boarding experience was not pleasant.

China Airlines Business Class A350 seats

Once boarding was underway it moved quickly. To my delight, the beautiful cabins have not changed. The design, which I love, has warm and understated colors. This aircraft features 32 flatbed seats in a reverse herringbone 1-2-1 configuration.


The seats are the same model, only the newer generation, of the ones that you can find on the China Airlines 777. It is a new version of the B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seat that is in turn modeled after Cathay Pacific’s super successful Zodiac seat. It is a little hard to get into your seat, but it delivers privacy and plenty of room for a comfortable fight.

China Airlines business class A350 catering

Our takeoff was at 10 AM local time and the flight attendants handed out a menu with lunch options just before takeoff. I fully expected to have lunch served right after takeoff, since that is the usual work process. After two hours I rang the call button and asked what happened to the lunch service and the flight attendants mentioned it starts 2.5 hours after departure, which coincides with natural body lunchtime. I found this to be very interesting!

I found the food to be very appetizing. I even ate more than half of my portion, which is quite a rare occurrence for me when I fly. I liked the champagne and tried some lovely and refreshing white wines.


China Airlines business class inflight WiFi

While waiting for the meal service I decided to try out the WiFi. I was glad to see that the China Airlines system, which is powered by Deutsche Telekom, had no volume limitation. The charge was $16.95 for three hours. That sounded perfect and I paid happily.

However, it later turned out that the system is rather slow, with download and upload rates limited to 256kbps.

China Airlines business class service

The flight attendants came by once to set up lunch and collect it later, they were barely visible during the rest of the flight. It was almost spooky, but to be honest there wasn’t much of a need. I’m sure they would have reacted to the call button quickly if called.

We got to Jakarta on time and the separate business class immigration helped avoid crowds.

China Airlines business class: My impression

The ‘hard product’ is aging well and I still love it. The A350 is such a quiet plane and the seat is fantastic. The whole cabin was peaceful and provides much-needed privacy. I loved it.

I was also positively surprised by the good catering and wines on offer. Their timing of lunch was perfect, though it was something I did not expect.

The lounges should stock up on premium food items and boarding could be much improved. I also think the airline should reign in their inflight WiFi provider. They should either provide the product customers expect and charge for it or make it free.

I would, without a doubt, fly China Airlines on the A350 again after this experience!

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