China Airlines Looks To Rebrand With Altered Boeing 777F Livery

On Tuesday, China Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 777F cargo aircraft. However, there was a noticeable difference with this new arrival. The plane had the operator’s standard livery missing. This move is part of the Taiwanese carrier’s mission to rebrand following key events this year.

China Airlines 777
China Airlines has made a significant change with its new aircraft (not pictured). Photo: Kiefer. via Wikimedia Commons

Change required

According to Airline Geeks, the recently delivered widebody, which holds registration B-18771, was the first of six 777Fs that are expected to join China Airlines. The jets will take over the European and North American operations of the carrier’s older fleet of Boeing 747-400 freighters.

Earlier this year, the airline assisted the government in moving several locally-made medical masks to support nations across the globe amid the health crisis. However, the large imprint of China Airlines on the aircraft that were arriving left many people mistaking the carrier as a company based in mainland China. Subsequently, a debate about renaming the firm was once again brought about.

This summer, the Taiwanese parliament passed a bill to rebrand its largest carrier to avoid further confusion. Altogether, parliament speaker Yu Shyi-kun highlighted that the ministry should make the airline more identifiable on a global scale. So, politicians want to have more Taiwanese images in place to protect national interests when operating abroad.

Taiwan China Airlines boeing 747-400 retirement
China Airlines has been planning to phase out its Boeing 747-400 aircraft across its cargo and passenger divisions. Photo: Getty Images

New look

Now, images showing a change of livery for China Airlines have emerged. Notably, the new design is currently heavily minimalistic.

According to AeroTime, the Minister of Transportation and Communications Department of Taiwan said the following in a recent media interview:

“China Airlines has purchased seven 777s, and now they are undergoing flight test. Regarding the painting, there is a space reserved to add images representing Taiwan. Currently, the font size is reduced as the first step, and China Airlines will officially explain to the public when the full painting design is completed.”

China Airlines A330
What could the airline’s future livery look like when the full rebranding is complete? Photo: Getty Images

Just the start

So, the freshly delivered 777-F that landed in Taipei from Boeing’s Everett facilities has plenty of room for a long-term redesign. Could there soon be a whole new name on the coating? Or will the new symbols represent another aspect?

China Airlines, along with its local counterpart, Eva Air, are seeing profits despite the ongoing pandemic. As the global aviation industry seeks further recovery in the new year, the new branding would mark a fresh start for operations in the next chapter.

Simple Flying reached out to China Airlines for comment on the operator’s rebranding process. We will update the article with any further announcements from the carrier.

What are your thoughts about China Airlines’ prospects with its aircraft livery? Do you expect the carrier to entirely change its name soon? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section.