China Southern Takes Delivery Of The 787th Boeing 787

Boing has manufactured its 787th Boeing 787. While this milestone would mean absolutely nothing for any other aircraft program, it means a lot to Boeing. China Southern is the lucky recipient of this new aircraft. As is traditional with milestone aircraft, the new B787 has been kitted out with a special livery to mark the occasion. The Boeing 787 took its first flight almost a decade ago, meaning an average of around 90 aircraft has been delivered per year since then.

Boeing 787
The 787th Boeing 787 rolls off of the production line. Photo: Boeing

Boeing 787 – A Brief History

The Boeing 787 was originally known as the 7E7 until the name B787 was revealed in January 2005. The first B787 was rolled out of the factory in July 2007, before taking its first flight on December 15th, 2009. Following further testing, the first B787 began service with ANA in 2011. Since then the popular B787 has sold over 1,400 units, with the first of the new B787-1000s entering into service with United Airlines.

Boeing 787
Boeing’s 787th B787 was delivered with a special livery. Photo: Boeing

China Southern’s B787

With over 210 B787 routes across the globe, China Southern operates 8 routes with the type. While all originate in China, only 2 of these land in China. The remaining international destinations see the aircraft operating to the likes of Dubai, San Francisco, and London Heathrow for the carrier. China Southern operates a three-class cabin layout across the B787 with First, Business and Economy offered. The aircraft feature a total of 228 seats.

First Class

China Southern offers 4 first class seats on its B787 aircraft. These make up the front row in a 1-2-1 layout. The China Southern first class cabin seats recline to a lie-flat bed position. There is a screen for passengers which is slightly small, and immovable at the front of the seat. Unfortunately, the First class seats, while being separated from business class by a bulkhead, have fairly little privacy from the passenger across the aisle. According to multiple reviews, the First Class B787 product is more akin to the business class offering of other airlines. Food offered onboard is reportedly a choice of Chinese or Western food.

Boeing 787
The China Southern B787 First cabin. Photo: China Southern

Business Class

Located in the 4 rows behind the first class cabin is business class. The class is laid out in a 2-2-2 configuration. Again, as business class products go, the seats are fairly similar to more dated cabins found elsewhere. One-third of the seats, or all of the window seats, have no direct aisle access. The seats lie flat, and surprisingly, the screens are larger than those found in First Class.

Boeing 787
China Southern’s B787 Business Class. Photo: China Southern

Economy Class

The remainder of seats are found in the economy cabin. 200 seats are laid out in a 3-3-3 layout, with the last two rows consisting of 2-3-2. The economy offering is pretty standard to what can be found across the airline industry, with each screen coming with an IFE screen and a small amenities kit.

Boeing 787
China Southern’s B787 economy class. Photo: China Southern

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