Chinese Airlines Are Selling 3 Hour Flights For Just $4

Airlines around the world are feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. However, in China, the aviation market has taken a drastic turn for the worse. Now, there are domestic flights for as low as $4.

SWISS, Beijing, Daxing Airport
Airlines across China are slashing fares amid the coronavirus outbreak. Photo: Getty Images

With reduced demand, carriers have largely cut down on flights. However, some air links do continue to operate within China. But, keeping those flights full is starting to be a challenge. Airlines are turning to a familiar playbook: cutting fares.

Chinese domestic flights for as low as $4

The South China Morning Post reports that Spring Airlines, a major low-cost carrier in China, is offering some flights for frequent flier members for as low as 29 yuan, or just over $4, for a one-way ticket.

Spring Airlines Chinese Domestic Flights
Spring Airlines is offering some flights for as low as $4. Photo: Getty Images

In particular, this is for flights between Shanghai and Chongqing which times out at about three hours. On Google Flights, you can find one-way tickets for close to $20 for travel as soon as Saturday, February 29th.

Chinese domestic flights sale
One-way prices between Shanghai and Chongqing. Screenshot: Google Flights

A one-way fare on the weekday in July gives flights, on the low end, for $150.

Summerdomestic flights china
One-way flight prices in July for the same route. Screenshot: Google Flights

Flights between Shanghai and Beijing are as low as $55 one-way.

Shanghai to Beijing flights
Flights from Shanghai to Beijing are as low as $55 one-way. Screenshot: Google Flights

Meanwhile, this summer, China Eastern is offering one-way tickets for $144 on the low end on the same route.

summer same route
Flights between Shanghai and Beijing are more expensive this summer. Screenshot: Google Flights

Flights between Shanghai and Urumqi are showing up for as low as $125 one-way. This route is blocked at under six hours.

Flights between Shanghai and Urumqi. Screenshot: Google Flights

Meanwhile, this summer, a one-way flight can cost a whopping $417 minimum on the same route and airline.

Flights between Shanghai and Urumqi. Screenshot: Google Flights

Will Chinese airlines make a profit?

While some airlines run on a low-cost model, most of the airlines offering discounted flight tickets are not low-cost carriers. Ultimately, air connections within China and departing China to other destinations across the world are incredibly important for the Chinese economy. Chinese carriers will likely receive some support from the government as the outbreak continues.

Wuhan Coronavirus
The coronavirus outbreak has led to a sharp decrease in travel throughout China. Photo: Getty Images

However, without subsidies and support from the government, these routes would be insane loss-makers.


While these are incredibly good deals for Chinese domestic flights, very few governments are allowing, let alone encouraging, travel to China. The coronavirus is taking its toll on passenger numbers. And, Chinese airlines are lowering fares in an effort to keep important air links and fill the few remaining flights that are in operation.

Juneyao and China Airlines
Airlines in East Asia are facing the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak. Photo: Getty Images

It seems now that airlines are preparing for a summer rebound. While it is unclear exactly how long it will take for this global outbreak to be contained (or when airline travel demand will return to normal), passengers should take great care when traveling. Washing your hands, traveling with cleaning wipes to wipe down your seat area, and, in general, avoiding travel to areas widely affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Have your travel plans been affected by the coronavirus outbreak? Let us know in the comments!


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All Blacks.

Who wants to go through quarantine for 3 weeks? Even if you are all careful about protection. Traveling is going to be minimal. How about selling, dumping goods for even cheaper prices.. Let the economy going? The situation is going worse. Send Chinese flights on lease to smaller islands, use artificial islands for 100,000 people to quarantine. Space stations and missions can wait. Increase funding for immunity against all kinds of viruses. Become vegetariaans, don’t shake hands, do namaste. Go back to basics without becoming caveman. Well, easier said than done.


Maybe this is what the ticket prices would be like when electric plane are available to the public.