The Plane With A Parachute: Cirrus Updates Its Popular SR Series

General aviation planemaker Cirrus has launched a new aircraft in its SR propeller aircraft range. The 2022 G6 is faster, features a better range than its predecessors, is more fuel-efficient, and offers more comfort and convenience to pilots and passengers. Cirrus has delivered more than 8,000 SR Series aircraft, in addition to its small private jet, the SF50.

Cirrus, SR G6, 2022 Series
GA planemaker Cirrus has updated its popular propeller aircraft for 2022. Photo: Cirrus Aircraft

America has a vast general aviation community, with pilots of all skill levels flying everything from small Cessnas up to the top of the range Cirrus aircraft. Equipped with a parachute, Cirrus planes are often considered the luxury choice, and now another model is joining the family.

The Cirrus G6 SR

Yesterday, Cirrus revealed that it would be offering a new addition to its SR propeller aircraft series, increasing performance and convenience for pilots. The main selling point for pilots is the aircraft’s improved performance.

The 2022 series of aircraft can achieve true airspeeds that are nine knots faster than the previous generation. This has been achieved by reducing drag on the plane. Examples include tightening the tolerances of the wheel pants (aerodynamic covers over the non-retractable landing gear) and smoother seams on the ice panels.

Cirrus, SR G6, 2022 Series
Tighter tolerances on the wheel covers allow the aircraft to fly faster and further. Photo: Cirrus Aircraft

While increasing speed, reducing drag also allows the 2022 series aircraft to reduce its fuel consumption and thus cover a greater range on a single tank of fuel.

A smarter, more convenient aircraft

Cirrus has redesigned the door on the 2022 series aircraft. It now opens beyond 90 degrees, allowing greater flexibility when loading awkward items such as skis. The door will also stay open while the cargo area is being loaded and has been redesigned to conveniently carry two quarts of oil, something ideal to keep handy when flying such a plane.

Cirrus, SR G6, 2022 Series
The aircraft’s cargo door has undergone a total redesign. Photo: Cirrus Aircraft

The aircraft also has several features that make the entire flying experience convenient for pilots, both on and off the ground. In the skies, a USB port bank allows pilots and passengers to keep their devices charged in the skies, such as an iPad running Foreflight.

Cirrus, SR G6, 2022 Series
New USB ports allow pilots to keep devices charged on the go. Photo: Cirrus Aircraft

The plane can also talk to the pilot’s Cirrus App running on a mobile phone. The aircraft is aware of time and flight-hour-based maintenance requirements. It is also aware of how much flying it has completed and will notify the pilot when maintenance milestones are approaching.

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The small-plane maker has also added a feature called My Trips. Due to be released next month, the plane will automatically log each flight undertaken. The plane will highlight key flight statistics and achievements earned in flight to pilots. This is in addition to existing mobile app features providing the aircraft’s status, such as location, total engine time, and quantities of fuel, oxygen, and ice protection fluid.

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