Stunning: A Look Inside A Concept Airbus A220 Private Jet

Airbus revealed its concept for the A220 corporate jet back in October last year. Dubbed the ACJ TwoTwenty business jet, it has broken new ground in the extra-large bizjet market and is set to launch in 2023. Based on the A220-100, it offers generous floor space and state-of-the-art technologies, alongside all the usual things to love about the A220.

ACJ220 100 PW On Ground (1)
Photo: Airbus

Now, the manufacturer has released concept images of what we could expect from the interior of the jet. While each jet will be designed to the purchasers’ specifications, the look inside the ACJ TwoTwenty gives us a tantalizing taste of how spacious and luxurious these private jets will be.

Without further ado, let’s take a dive into the interior of this stunning aircraft.

Inside the ACJ TwoTwenty

While the ACJ TwoTwenty looks pretty awesome on the outside, the concepts for the inside are really jaw-dropping. The main seating area features a range of sofas and premium seats, with vast table spaces, perfect for working or dining. The lack of overhead bins adds to the cavernous feel of the spacious cabin.

ACJ220 Modern Lounge (1)
Having no overhead bins, the space appears huge. Photo: Airbus

Behind the main seating area is what looks to be a rec room, with a generous corner sofa taking up two walls of the space. A large double door divides the space, allowing for open socializing or a more private experience depending on the needs of the guests. Interesting to note is the layout of the windows, which retain the large size of the commercial A220 but are arranged in pairs, creating a much more Gulfstream-esque aesthetic.

ACJ220 Modern Club4 (1)
Interesting takes on the window design make it feel more bizjet. Photo: Airbus

Forward of the seating area is the catering space. A generously proportioned kitchen appears to be fully equipped to serve the guests onboard with all the meals and refreshments they could wish for. To the side, a private dining and seating space could presumably be used by crew for taking their meals and breaks.

ACJ220 Modern Entrance (1)
A fully equipped kitchen means all passengers’ needs will be catered for. Photo: Airbus

The master bedroom onboard is a testament to the sheer size available to play with on this aircraft. A king size bed sits comfortably in the space, with vast storage bedside tables to either side of the sleeping accommodation.

ACJ220 Bedroom
A bedroom more spacious than in many of our own homes. Photo: Airbus

A large sideboard occupies the opposite wall, with space enough for what looks to be an enormous entertainment screen. Interestingly-shaped windows in the bedroom give a tantalizing glimpse of the possibilities for design, and forward is a full en suite, complete with showers for guests.

ACJ220 Modern Bedroom Night (1)
Mood lighting sets the tone for all stages of flight. Photo: Airbus

Throughout the aircraft, designers have featured roof-mounted LED mood lights, which can be adjusted to suit the time of day and to help with the age-old issue of jetlag. While all of this is fully customizable by the client, it gives us a flavor of just how awesome these extra-large business jets could be.

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Outstripping the competition

The ACJ TwoTwenty boasts a total of 73m²/785 ft² of floor space, which Airbus says is divided into six individual living areas. The aircraft is free to be designed to suit the individual client, and the copious accommodation as seen above really allows the imagination to run wild.

Stunning: A Look Inside A Concept Airbus A220 Private Jet
A huge degree of flexibility in the layout means clients can design the space to suit their individual needs. Photo: Airbus

The superior performance of the A220 is set to make it a strong competitor in the business jet market. It occupies the same parking space and has the same airport access as competing jets, but with three times more cabin space and a third of the operating costs. With its extended range, the TwoTwenty will fly up to 18 passengers for more than 12 flight hours, giving it access to huge routes around the world.

The interiors of the ACJ TwoTwenty will be completed by Comlux Completion in Indianapolis. So far, six aircraft are on order – two for Comlux itself and four sold to undisclosed customers. We should see the first ACJ TwoTwenty enter into service in 2023.