Condor To Upgrade Business Class Amenities On Select Routes In 2020

**Update: 23/12/19 @ 23:14 UTC –  A Condor spokesperson shared extra details on what is included in the new business class, details below.**

Condor will be introducing business class offerings on its short and medium-haul flights next summer. Meanwhile, it is also expanding its economy class options.

Condor A320
Short and medium-haul routes served by the likes of Condor’s Airbus A320s will soon hold business class seating. Photo: Condor

Unified class

According to a press release shared by the airline, the business class will replace the current premium class offering on these flights while adding more amenities. One key point that the carrier highlights is the free center seat, which allows greater freedom of movement for guests.

With a business class ticket, Condor customers will also get lounge access, free seat reservation, and 16 kg of hand luggage (two units allowed). They will also be able to dine from Condor’s Taste the World menu with a main course and dessert.

There are also free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages included. Regarding check-in, guests can bring one piece of sports baggage up to 30 kg, and 30 kg of checked baggage. They can also go through a separate check-in counter and be allowed through a security fast lane. These customers can also check-in first at a separate priority counter and be the first to board.

Condor Business Class
Currently, Condor’s business class is only available on long-haul services. Photo: Condor

“Meeting customers’ desires”

Ralf Teckentrup, Managing Director of Condor states that the new options will add greater comfort for his airline’s passengers.

“With our Business Class and the fare options in Economy Class, we offer the right product for every taste and every purse,” Teckentrup said.

“We meet our customers’ desire for more individuality and offer them the opportunity to feel at ease on their flight to their holiday destination or back home according to their personal needs,

“Condor has stood for tradition and quality for 64 years – we will continue to live up to this promise of quality through our service and our product”.

Condor Premium
Short and medium-haul operations only hold economy and premium seating at the moment. Photo: Condor

Economy additions

Meanwhile, Condor is diversifying its Economy class with the introduction of Economy Best. This includes additional checked and hand luggage, a free sandwich with water, and a hot drink.

These passengers will also receive their luggage before others. Economy Best is a supplementary option on the existing economy class. They will also have priority boarding and priority baggage claim.

A slight variation

Until now, Condor didn’t offer business class on its short and medium-haul flights. Instead, it sold only economy and premium tickets.

It has highlighted the aspect of a free middle seat to give more space for passengers who demand more comfort. However, this is already something it offered on the premium service.

Additionally, premium customers already get priority check-in, priority boarding, priority security check-in and priority baggage. Altogether, there doesn’t seem to be many key differences with the new class. However, Condor does feel confident enough to brand the new offering as business.

Despite Thomas Cook’s demise, Condor has reported positive financials this year. With the introduction of business class on its shorter operations next year, it’s showing its intent to grow further heading into the new decade.

Simple Flying reached out to Condor for clarification on the new business-class amenities. A spokesperson replied that the extra benefits included are the additional baggage allowance for cabin and hold, free transport of a sports item, free lounge access and a goodie for every guest.

“This bring the level up to a very good business class service on short and medium haul flights,” the spokesperson said.

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