Which Countries Are Currently Accepting EU Travelers?

While intra-European travel has been open for a month now, which countries are allowing EU travelers in? As countries slowly ease restrictions, travel is picking up pace across the world. Here are some of the countries allowing EU travelers to visit.

Emirates A380 flowers Dubai
Dubai recently reopened its border to international tourists. Photo: Shalika Malintha via Flickr


The Emirate of Dubai opened its border to tourists earlier this month. The city is a major tourist attraction globally and the home of Emirates, providing easy connections globally. Dubai is one of the most notable cities to reopen its borders and could see a boost in travelers.

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There a number of conditions before entering Dubai. Photo: flyDubai

The reopening does come with a number of conditions, including testing on arrival and health declarations, but the city is more or less open to tourists. The entire UAE is reporting relatively low numbers of cases, reducing the risk. Considering the popularity of the destination, it is hoping for a strong recovery.


One of the most beautiful places in the world, the Maldives recently reopened its borders to all travelers. A number of Middle East carriers now fly to the island, including Emirates and Qatar, providing enough options.

The Maldives is now open to all tourists, with few restrictions. Photo: Pixabay

The Maldives’ economy is heavily dependent on tourism and safely reopening flights and hotels has been a top priority. The country is also pushing to secure agreements with a number of countries to skip quarantine on return. There are also few restrictions, with no COVID-19 test on arrival or extra health regulations minus the standard temperature checks.

However, the lack of travel restrictions has actually left some more worried. If too many tourists enter untested, there is a high risk of infection that could shut down the country once again. Some resorts are setting their own conditions, including testing on arrival. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to escape to a beautiful island, the Maldives might be a great choice.

Caribbean countries

A number of Caribbean countries have recently opened their border to EU tourists. While rules do vary across countries, most require either a COVID-19 test on arrival or a certificate of a previous negative test (usually within 72 hours).

Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Aruba, Bahamas, Guadeloupe, St Lucia, and more have all opened their borders. British Airways is also set to resume flights to Barbados on September 1, providing an easy European connection.

British Airways will resume flights to Barbados on September 1st, providing easy connections. Photo: British Airways

The Caribbean countries are an extremely popular leisure destination for European and North American travelers, which explains the push for tourism. With most of the countries in the region having few cases, some might consider traveling here.


One of the few countries in East Asia accepting tourists, Cambodia reopened its border with a number of caveats. Travelers will have to a pay $3,000 deposit to cover the cost of testing and medical services in case of a positive test. Moreover, if anyone on the flight tests positive, everyone must be quarantined for 14 days.

Asian countries currently have the strictest border controls. Photo: Cathay Pacific Newsroom.

If you do manage to get negative for the virus, along with everyone on your flight, you are free to enjoy the beautiful country, known for its temples and palace architecture.

For now, non-essential travel remains limited to a few countries outside the EU. Until a vaccine is found, it is likely that travel is domestic. However, if you can’t find anything to do in Europe, there are still a few countries offering a respite!

Will you travel internationally right now? What are some destinations you want to visit? Let us know in the comments below.