60% Of Dallas Fort Worth’s International Passengers Come From Mexico

Mexico is a key market for American Airlines and the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The carrier is close to turning 80 years old of having its first international flight to Mexico (the second overall in its history), and the Texan hub has had an incredible increase of Mexican travelers going through its infrastructure. Let’s investigate further.

American Airlines DFW
American Airlines and Dallas Fort Worth have a strong presence of Mexican travelers. Photo: DFW

DFW, Mexico’s entrance into the US

Dallas Fort Worth is one of the United States’ main hubs. In 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, DFW carried an estimated 75 million arriving and departing passengers. Most of these passengers flew with American Airlines. Currently, the carrier has a market share of 86.5% in the airport, according to official stats by DFW.

The mega hub generates approximately US$37 billion yearly in revenue. And Mexico is the most important international market for DFW.

As of October 2021, the airport has connectivity with 24 destinations in Mexico. To get a comparison with the rest of the world, DFW connects with four destinations in Canada, 13 in South America, nine in the Caribbean, eight in Europe, three in the Middle East, six in the Asia-Pacific region, and one in Oceania.

Moreover, Mexico currently represents 60% of the international passenger traffic in DFW. Back in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico held a 25% international market share in the Dallas hub. Obviously, the remaining travel restrictions in much of the world have helped the percentage increase from Mexico, but also the Mexico-US market has recovered faster than almost any other country pair in the world.

60% Of Dallas Fort Worth’s International Passengers Come From Mexico
The Mexico-US market has rebounded from the COVID-19 crisis; DFW has had an increase in the percentage of travelers coming from Mexico. Photo: American Airlines – DFW.

American Airlines’ favorite destination: Mexico

Currently, American Airlines is operating 923 daily flights out of Dallas Fort Worth, representatives of the carrier said during an event in Mexico City. Overall, the airline has between 2,800 and 2,900 daily flights. Each day, the airline has at least 50 flights to 24 destinations in Mexico.

American Airlines connects Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Columbus, Kansas, New York, Raleigh Durham, and Sacramento with Mexico.

60% Of Dallas Fort Worth’s International Passengers Come From Mexico
This is American Airlines’ connectivity with Mexico. Photo: American Airlines – DFW.

According to Cirium, out of the nearly 11,100 international flights American has in October, 57.8% goes on routes to Mexican destinations.

Currently, American Airlines’ busiest route between both countries is DFW-Cancun. It operates 90 weekly flights, with a capacity of 19,140 seats. The second-busiest routes are Miami-Mexico City and DFW-Mexico City, both with 73 weekly flights.

American Airlines
Dallas Forth Worth is American’s hub. Photo: DFW

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Mexico-US connectivity today

The Mexico-US market is booming. In October 2021, there are 21,417 flights scheduled between both countries, a 16.7% increase compared to a couple of years ago. Moreover, 29.6% more seats are available in this market despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the cease of operations of one carrier, Interjet.

The Mexican carriers operating the market account for 28% of the flights at the moment, with 1,001,594 seats available (30% of the market).

Currently, the biggest route overall between both countries is Houston-Mexico. It has 738 flights per month, followed by Mexico-Los Angeles, San José del Cabo-Los Angeles, and Mexico-Miami with over 500 flights per month, each.

American Airlines is the leading operator in the market, with 4,615 scheduled flights in October. It is followed by United Airlines (4,354), Volaris (2,704), Aeromexico (1,815), and Delta (1,809).

Have you ever traveled with American Airlines from or to Mexico via DFW? Let us know in the comments.