Dallas Fort Worth Waves Goodbye To Plastic Straws

One of the largest airports in America is eliminating the use of a certain type of straw, with the aim of reducing plastic waste. Dallas Fort Worth is banning single-use plastic straws from the airport, a move that it says will remove four-million straws from its annual stream of waste.

Dallas Fort Worth Waves Goodbye To Plastic Straws
Dallas Fort Worth Airport has moved to ban single-use plastic straws. Photo: SabineS via Pixabay.

Twitter announcement

The airport revealed the new initiative via Twitter, announcing that the phasing out of plastic straws will begin immediately.

Officials from Dallas Fort Worth commented that around two tonnes of waste are generated at the airport on an annual basis from these plastic straws alone. The majority of these single-use products are dumped in landfill, but some errant straws can also end up in waterways and the ocean.

Airport officials told CultureMap Dallas that there are already plans in place to replace the unwanted plastic straws going forward. “Most vendors will have an alternative to plastic straws; this can include lids designed to be strawless,” officials noted.

Other airports

Dallas Fort Worth is not the first airport in North America to ban the use of short-life plastic straws. Some have gone further in an attempt to reduce the level of plastic being utilized. For example, San Francisco International Airport has already eliminated the use of single-use straws and has also moved to ban disposable plastic water bottles from the airport.

Dallas Fort Worth Waves Goodbye To Plastic Straws
Dallas Fort Worth is one of many airports attempting to reduce their plastic consumption. Photo: Todd MacDonald via Flickr.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is also reportedly considering banning several plastic-based products, with a similar straw purge also under consideration. This would be particularly significant, as Hartsfield-Jackson International is the busiest airport in the United States.

And other airports further afield are also making efforts to reduce the consumption of plastic. For example, the hugely popular and highly regarded airports in Dubai have recently announced that they will cease using plastic straws at some point next year.

In India, an initiative led Air India Express to scrap single-use plastics in August, with this to be initially implemented on its low-cost carrier, Air India Express.

As the battle against the ecologically-damaging plastic extends, we can expect to see more effort among airports to ban plastic items.

Dallas Fort Worth Waves Goodbye To Plastic Straws
San Francisco International Airport has also made moves to ban plastic products recently. Photo: Michael Ocampo via Flickr.

Water bottles

In the same month, San Francisco International Airport banned the sale of plastic water bottles, just one aspect of a larger plan at the airport to become a zero “waste-to-landfill” facility by 2021. The airport in San Francisco had already previously banned the use of plastic straws.

And in another related story earlier this year, Simple Flying reported on the stiff penalties for taking plastic carrier bags on flights to Kenya. This country has completely banned plastic bags, and passengers can face fines up to a staggering $40,000 for taking a carrier bag into the African nation.