Damaged Russian Sukhoi Superjet Put Up For Sale At $1m USD

A Russian auction house is selling a damaged Sukhoi Superjet 100 for just over $1 million. The aircraft is not airworthy and cannot fly again, but remains mostly intact after a landing gear collapse and crash on the runway.

Yakutia Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100-95
The aircraft belonged to Russian carrier Yakutia Airlines before it was written off in 2018 after the accident. Photo: Getty Images

On sale

According to Aerotime, Russian auction house RAD has listed a Sukhoi Superjet 100 for sale on its website. The aircraft, registered RA-89011, is not airworthy and has been listed for 77.25 million rubles ($1.05 million).

Yakutia Airlines SSJ100
RA-89011 has been stuck on the ground for over three years after being written off by its airline. Photo: Cp9asngf via Wikimedia Commons

While you may not be able to fly the aircraft anymore, it could find many uses. In addition to selling parts, if any are left, many enthusiasts have taken to using the fuselage to create unique hotels, restaurants, and theme parks. While $1mn is a big ask, an investor with big plans might see some value in this mostly intact aircraft.


The plane previously belonged to Yakutia Airlines and was delivered new in December 2012, according to Planespotters.net. The SSJ100 served for nearly six years before a serious accident in 2018.

The October 2018 accident saw the aircraft unable to stop by the end of the runway and collide with obstacles at the end, causing the landing gear to collapse and more damage to the fuselage. All of this, combined with a fuel leak, meant the SSJ100 had to be written off and could not return to service.

Yakutia Airlines SSJ100 RA-89011
With a failed landing gear and a fuel leak, Yakutia was forced to write off the SSJ100 from its fleet. Photo: Terminator216 via Wikimedia Commons

A subsequent investigation found ATC at fault for reporting incorrect friction coefficients for the landing runway. The presence of ice on the runway meant the SSJ100 did not have enough braking power to stop before hitting the end of the runway. Thankfully, only a few onboard suffered minor injuries and everyone else was left unscathed.

The Superjet

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 has been a been of a mixed bag in terms of success. The aircraft currently has nine operators, all of whom are Russian and flying the jet in domestic or regional sectors. This brings the total production size to 131 aircraft, a respectable figure for a new variation of aircraft.

However, the Superjet 100 has missed the mark with international customers. Questions over safety, maintenance, and reliability have plagued the aircraft for years now, and with alternatives available, foreign airlines have stuck to those.

Damaged Russian Sukhoi Superjet Put Up For Sale At $1m USD
The SSJ100 has seen a mixed response, however, there is a plan to increase its popularity. Photo: United Aircraft Corporation

Currently, Rostec is working on a new version of the Superjet, one that will see more domestically-sourced parts. This will allow the company to sell to clients globally without being subject to export controls and increase the plane’s reach. Expect to see significant improvements across the aircraft, including engine changes.

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