What New Planes Will Delta Air Lines Take In 2020?

Delta Air Lines is already one of the largest airlines in the world. And growth is still on the horizon. In 2020, Delta expects to take on a total of 72 new aircraft including two new types for the carrier. Here’s what that means for the airline as well as for Delta’s passengers.

Delta A320 takeoff
Delta is expecting a total of 72 new aircraft in 2020. Photo: Airbus

What new aircraft will Delta take on in 2020?

Delta is expecting the following aircraft deliveries in 2020 according to an airline disclosure:

  • 17 Airbus A220-100s
  • 6 Airbus A220-300s
  • 31 Airbus A321-200s
  • 1 Airbus A321-200neo
  • 7 Airbus A330-900neo
  • 4 Airbus A350-900
  • 6 Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft

Delta took delivery of its last Boeing aircraft on order in 2019. Thus, for the foreseeable future, Delta’s new mainline aircraft on order are all Airbus planes. The Bombardier CRJs will likely go to Delta’s regional carriers.

The Airbus A220

With 109 seats onboard, the A220 is Delta’s smallest narrowbody aircraft. Currently, Delta only operates the -100 variant of type. Delta is expecting the last 17 of the type it has on order this year to complete its order for 45 of the A220-100.

In early 2019, Delta restructured its A220 orders. The airline decided to convert some of the -100 orders to the -300. Now, Delta has 50 of the type on order. The first six of these aircraft are expected in 2020. The A220s will have a total of 130 seats.

Delta New a220-300
Delta is expecting the first six Airbus A220-300s this year. Photo: Airbus

The Airbus A220 is a fantastic aircraft. With a comfortable 2-3 configuration in coach, this means fewer middle seats and more options. The aircraft can do a range of routes from short hops to transcontinental adventures.

The Airbus A321

Delta will take its last 31 Airbus A321-200 aircraft it has on order this year. These aircraft are some of the most ubiquitous for domestic flights. Once these aircraft are delivered, Delta will have a total of 127 Airbus A321-200s in operation.

Delta A321
Delta will take the last of its A321-200s on order in 2020. Photo: Delta Air Lines

The A321s are some of the primary aircraft that will replace aging MD-80s and MD-90s on short-haul domestic routes. With a capacity of 189 or 191 depending on configuration, this aircraft is perfect for high-demand short- and medium-haul routes.

The Delta A321 represents a fantastic upgrade compared to the MD-80 and -90s. With more room for bags, this means that fewer passengers have to gate-check their items. And, wifi and on-demand seatback screens make the flight a bit more enjoyable. Delta expects to retire all MD-80s in 2020 paving the way for the airline to improve fuel efficiency and passenger comfort.

The brand new Delta Airbus A321-200neo

If there is one aircraft to keep your eye on in 2020 its Delta’s Airbus A321neo. Delta is putting a brand new First Class seat on the aircraft. This will be unlike any of Delta’s current First Class recliner-style offerings.

Delta First Class
Delta will offer an all-new First Class onboard the Airbus A321neo. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Onboard, Delta will have 20 First Class seats, 42 seats in extra-legroom Comfort+, and 132 Main Cabin seats. In addition, all passengers will have access to on-demand seatback entertainment and wifi.

Delta Airbus A321neo
Delta will offer 194 seats onboard the Airbus A321neo. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta will only take one A321-200neo in 2020. This first aircraft is expected in the later part of 2020. Delta expects all of the aircraft to be delivered by 2023.

Betting big on the A330-900neo

In 2019, Delta bet big on the A330-900neo with a leasing agreement for two of the new aircraft. These two aircraft, along with five other A330-900neos are expected in 2020. In total, Delta will take on seven of the type in 2020.

Airbus A330neo Delta
Delta will take on seven new Airbus A330neo. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Onboard the A330-900neos are 29 Delta One Suites, 28 Premium Select seats, 56 Delta Comfort+ seats, and 168 Main Cabin seats.

Delta One Suites A330neo
Delta Air Lines has 29 Delta One Suites onboard the A330neo. Photo: Delta Air Lines

This modern aircraft will likely replace some aging Boeing 767 aircraft. For passengers up front, this means an upgraded product with more privacy. And, an all new premium economy cabin will give passengers more options to customize their journey.

More Airbus A350-900s

Four new A350s will come Delta’s way in 2020. These are the jewel of Delta’s long-haul routes. There are 32 Delta One Suites, 48 Premium Select seats, and 226 Main Cabin seats onboard the Airbus A350. These widebodies operate some incredibly premium routes to Asia and Europe.

Qatar Airways, LATAM Stake, OneWorld
Delta is four new Airbus A350s in 2020. Photo: Delta Air Lines

These aircraft will allow Delta to continue to upgrade some routes and increase capacity. Originally intended as a 747 replacement, the A350 could also give Delta the opportunity to launch some new routes. And, perhaps, with Delta’s new tie-up with LATAM, the airline could upgrade some key South American routes.

Bombardier CRJ-900s

These aircraft are not for Delta, per se. Rather, the six new CRJ-900s will go out to regional carriers. While some passengers may shudder at the thought of flying on a CRJ-900, the aircraft is not all that bad and opens up a number of new opportunities for Delta Air Lines and passengers.

The CRJ-900s will fly under the Delta Connection banner. Photo: Delta Air Lines


Delta is expecting 72 new aircraft in 2020. These will give Delta the opportunity to expand and improve the passenger experience. More newer, fuel-efficient aircraft means fewer carbon emissions as the airline is on its way towards an ambitious carbon-neutral goal. And, modern-day upgrades to the aircraft interior will make the flying experience more enjoyable.

Which of Delta’s new aircraft are you most excited to fly? Let us know in the comments!