Parts From A Former Delta Boeing 747 Are Up For Sale

If you have ever wanted to own part of a Delta Boeing 747, you can now. A former Delta Boeing 747’s parts are up for sale on the e-commerce site, eBay, and, depending on your budget, you can own anything from a part of a flight control panel to a full cut-out of the plane.

Delta Boeing 747-400
Parts from a Delta Boeing 747-400 are for sale on eBay. Photo: Delta Air Lines

The big-ticket item: a cut-out from the exterior

From the Boeing 747 that operated Delta’s Farewell Tour for the 747, you can purchase a cut-out from the aircraft’s side with the Farewell Tour logo. Here is the cut-out that a buyer will receive:

Farewell Tour 747 cutout
The cut-out from the Farewell Tour Boeing 747. Photo: eBay

Here is a view from the Farewell Tour logo on the Boeing 747 as it operated the goodbye flights:

Farewell Tour
The original Farewell Tour logo on the Boeing 747-400. Photo: Delta Air Lines

The aircraft that operated this flight was ship 6314 and registered as N674US. This aircraft was delivered new to Northwest Airlines in 1999, according to data from Delta Air Lines then took over the Boeing 747-400 after the merger. Delta would only fly these for a few years before retiring them in favor of the fuel-efficient, but smaller by capacity, Airbus A350-900s.

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The lower-end items

There are a few different things for sale for those looking to spend a little less on an item. For $25, you can purchase an original Delta 747-400 “International Main Cabin” Menu.

International Main Cabin Menu
The menu for sale. Photo: eBay

For $175, you can purchase a series of switches from the flight deck. These particular ones are for the heater control module assembly.

Heater Control
The heater control module switches for sale. Photo: eBay

A little more expensive at $250 is an original 747-400 cabin system module. This is where the crew can control things such as cabin lighting.

Cabin System Module
The cabin system module is available for sale. Photo: eBay

Also, clocking in at $250 is an official inflight entertainment monitor from economy. It is unclear if it works, but if you are good at working with electronics or technology, you may be able to get this to work. However, note that these monitors are far from the high-definition screens available on much of Delta’s fleet today.

Inflight monitor
The monitor is not the latest and greatest video screen available on most of Delta’s fleet. Photo: eBay

More expensive items

If you are looking to spend a little more on certain items, there are plenty for sale. Clocking in at $300 is a stabilizer trim indicator out of the flight deck.

Stabilizer Trim
The stabilizer trim indicator for sale. Photo: eBay

Clocking in at $300, you can buy a row of three Delta Economy Comfort+ seats. These were normally extra-legroom coach seats for sale on the 747-400s.

Delta Comfort PLus seats
A row of three Delta Comfort+ seats for sale. Photo: eBay

At $350, you can purchase the lighting control panel from the cockpit. The panel would traditionally control the exterior lights of the aircraft.

Delta 747 Lighting Control Pannel
The Boeing 747-400’s lighting control panel is available for sale. Photo: eBay

At $500, pedals from the Delta 747-400 flight deck are for sale. It is unclear if the price includes all four or just one. Though these would normally control the rudder, they now will control nothing unless you were to bring them home and create some sort of contraption.

The pedals for sale. photo: eBay

If creativity is your jam and you want something to go with your rudder pedals, for $450, you can also purchase the rudder trim panel from a Boeing 747-400. The panel appears to have gone through a bit of wear and tear.

Rudder control panel
The rudder trim panel appears to be well-used. Photo: eBay

Other aircraft parts for sale

At $500, you can purchase a genuine cockpit windshield. If you are doing a home renovation, you could use this as a skylight or another exterior window, though you will need to get some custom-made window dressings for it.

Genuine windshield
The windshield from the cockpit for sale. Photo: eBay

For $1,500, you can take home a 747-400 exit door. Depending on your skills, or if you want to hire someone knowledgeable in retrofits, you could use this as a special interior door, perhaps to a mock-up cabin you have in your house with the Delta Comfort+ seats for sale.

Delta Exit Door
The exit door for sale. Photo: eBay

Next, to round-out your mock-up cabin, you may consider getting a 747-400 small galley for $5,500. While some carts are for sale, those are for the 777, so you may need to do some retrofitting to this panel to get the 777 galley carts to fit in here.

747-400 galley
The galley for sale was taken from a scrapped Boeing 747. Photo: eBay

Selling aircraft parts

Over the last few months, in a bid to raise new cash, airlines have turned from selling their inflight meals to artwork from lounges to cutlery and dishware. The seller for these items appears to offer a host of items not just from the Boeing 747-400 but also from some retired regional jets.

They also have some items for sale from retired Airbus A330s and so much more.

Are any of these items on your wish list? Do you plan on attempting to acquire any of these items? Let us know in the comments!