Delta Upgrading Their Boeing 767 Business Class By Adding Suites With Doors

Delta has recently revealed that they will be upgrading their 767 business class offering.

Part of this upgrade is the inclusion of privacy screens on their suites.

Delta has 77 Boeing 767 planes in their fleet (56 Boeing 767-300ER and 21 767-400ER), the former of which is slowly starting to be replaced by newer Airbus A350 jets (Delta has 14 on order). Because of this, Delta will only be installing these new business class seats on the 767-400 series.

A Delta 767
A Delta 767

Why are they updating their seats?

Delta themselves have said that their 767’s have some of the older seats on the market.

The 764s are the first fleet that we put into the new lie flat configuration for international. We did that 10 years ago so it’s also the most dated. It’s what our customers tell us, as well as what our employees tell us, needs the most amount of work going forward. – Delta CEO Ed Bastian

It’s very important for an airline to stay in line with their competitors. As most passengers are looking for the best price point on the market, its almost a disqualification if an airline can’t beat another on price AND has inferior seats. Especially so in the premium market where business travelers look to reward airlines with their loyalty over a career.

These could be simple items like seat-back entertainment screens, charging ports and more recently, onboard wifi.

What we’re doing is we’re re-outfitting the entire 76-400 to be consistent with the product you see on the Airbus A350 with the new Delta One suites which we’re also putting on the 777s and we’ll eventually roll it out through all of our international widebodies.

What is the current business class like?

The current seats on the older 767-400’s leave a little to be desired when compared to their competition.

With other airlines like JetBlue making great strides in the premium passenger market, it makes sense that Delta would want to update their 767 offering.

The seat map of a Delta 767-400.

What will the new business class look like?

Apart from the before mentioned door/screen divider, the new seats are actually very plush.

A350 Delta One
Each of the seats in the new business class has their own very private space.

A brief highlight of several features:

  • The titular sliding door allowing the customer to have great privacy.
  • 1-2-1 configuration that is popular with airlines, allowing business customers or solo travelers on the exterior windows, with couples in the middle (Although couples that are not on the best terms or just like windows can have separate seats).
  • The business class seat is 22-24 inches wide, and 81 inches of pitch.
  • Little storage space. Delta attendants have been known to recommend passengers use the footwell for storage, which might be a problem when the seat is extended flat.
  • Do not disturb option for those customers who want to sleep the whole way.
  • 18-inch entertainment monitor.

Even with the door open, passengers are all hidden from each other.

You’ll have the new Delta premium select product which is a business cabin for international, you’ll have the suites the enclosed suites in the DeltaOne first class cabin and enhancements in the main cabin as well.

The above quote is a little confusing, as it seems that Delta CEO Ed Bastian is claiming their new premium economy is their business class and that the below is now their first class. If this was the case, then ‘business’ class passengers would be awfully disappointed.

Delta One
It also features lie-flat seats.

When will we see these new seats on board?

The new offering should be throughout the fleet by 2021.

We’re going to be investing a considerable amount of money over the next several years with that fleet together with the 330s will be the bulk of what we do for international flying for the next 10 years.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Do you like the look of Delta’s new business class offering?