Suspected Burst Tire On Delta A321 Closes New York-JFK Runway

A routine flight got a little interesting on February 28th. A Delta Air Lines Airbus A321 landed at New York-JFK Airport when the pilots suspected a burst tire after landing. Calling it in to air traffic control, the aircraft then remained on the runway until further inspection. In the meantime, runway 31L at JFK airport was closed.

Delta A321
Delta will take the last of its A321-200s on order in 2020. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta A321 suspected burst tire

The Aviation Herald reported that the A321 landed on runway 31L at New York’s JFK Airport on February 28th. After landing, the pilots remained on the runway due to a suspected burst tire. Emergency personnel responded and examined the aircraft where they found no burst tires. However, the aircraft was towed to the terminal and passengers disembarked as normal.

Data from Flightradar24 indicates that the aircraft remained on runway 31L for about 30 minutes before it was towed into the terminal. After the aircraft landed, another flight on approach had to perform a go-around. This flight appears to be Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-operated flight, DL868, from San Francisco per tracking from Flightradar24.

Simple Flying confirmed with Delta Air Lines that the incident occurred. There were no indications of deflation to any tires. And, all passengers and crew were able to disembark safely and routinely via a jetbridge at the terminal. Onboard the Airbus A321 were 168 passengers and five crew-members.

Suspected Burst Tire On Delta A321 Closes New York-JFK Runway
Delta reported that the aircraft’s tires did not deflate. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Details of the incident aircraft

Involved in this incident was an Airbus A321 registered as N342DN. Data from Planespotters indicates that this is one young aircraft, having been delivered to Delta about two years ago.

Delta A321
The aircraft involved in this incident was only two years old. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Other tire and gear incidents

February has seen a few interesting wheel and gear incidents. At the start of the month, a WestJet Dash 8 and an Icelandair Boeing 757 suffered gear collapses on landing. Meanwhile, an Air Canada Boeing 767 suffered a harrowing incident upon departure from Madrid after a front tire rupture occurred at take-off. Part of the the landing gear’s tire went into the engine. Then, just a day before this incident, nose gear wheels came off a Turkish Airlines A321 upon landing.

Tire burst
This has been an interesting month of gear and wheel incidents. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying


Ultimately, flying is one of the safest forms of transportation there is and these kinds of incidents are quite rare. There were no passenger or crew injuries as a result of this incident. However, JFK airport’s runway 31L was closed for about 30 minutes, allowing various personnel to deal with this incident. Although, it does not seem that this has caused major operational disruption at one of the busiest airports in the world.

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