Delta Begins Storing Widebody Planes Including Its Airbus A350s

As airlines feel the bite from the downturn in travel demand, carriers are beginning to park surplus aircraft. US carrier, Delta Air Lines, is about to put 23 widebody aircraft in storage at Birmingham, Alabama, and Marana, Arizona. Storing these 23 aircraft will trim Delta’s fleet by a mere two percent.

Delta Air Lines is putting 23 widebodied aircraft into storage today. Photo: Delta News Hub.

Flightradar24’s director of communications, Ian Petchenik has done the hard yards and compiled a list of the 23 aircraft. They include ten A330s (mostly A330-330s), three Boeing 767-432ERs, five Boeing 767-332ERs, three Boeing 777-232ERs and a pair of A350-900s. These oneway flights into storage will take place throughout the day on Monday, 16 March.

A swag of A330s heading into storage

N401DZ, a Delta A330-900, flew into Seattle from Amsterdam yesterday, operating DL143. Today it is heading to Birmingham as DL9979. That’s the sole A330-900 Delta is parking today, but it will be joined by several of its siblings from the A330 family.

N812NW, an A330-300 is flying into Boston from Dublin today as DL155. It will then go to Birmingham as DL9943. N805NW, another A330-300, is operating DL259 from Amsterdam to Boston today. It will then head to Birmingham as DL9944.

Delta is putting ten A330 aircraft into storage. Photo: Benjamin van Waart via Flickr.

N802NW, another A330-300, operated DL477 from Barcelona to Kennedy on the weekend where it has sat since. Today it is flying to Birmingham as DL9977. N815NW, an A330-300, flew from Phoenix to  Minneapolis yesterday as DL8797. Today it is heading to Marana as DL9961.

N820NW, also an A330-300 last flew on Friday, operating DLDL11 from London to Minneapolis. The aircraft is off to Marana today as DL9963. N817NW, an A330-300, operated DL263 from Paris to New York on Saturday. Today, it is off to Marana as DL9967.

N814NW, an A330-300 flew from San Diego to Atlanta as DL1692 yesterday. It is going to Marana today as DL9969. N813NW flew from Dublin to Kennedy on the weekend as DL45. It is operating DL9971 to Marana today.

The last A330 on the list is an A330-200, N857NW. It is operating DL87 from Frankfurt to Detroit before heading down to Marana today as DL9965.

Add a swag of Boeing 767s to the list

N844MH is a Boeing 767-432ER on its way from Sao Paulo to Kennedy as DL471. It was meant to be going to Brussels but instead is going to Birmingham today as DL9937. M845MH, also a 767-432ER last flew from Dusseldorf to Atlanta on Friday as DL91. Today it is going to Birmingham as DL9973. N842MH, another 767-432ER flew from Munich to Atlanta yesterday as DL80. Today, it is flying to Marana as DL9964.

A trio of Boeing 777-232ER aircraft are going into storage today. Photo: Adrian Pingstone via Wikimedia Commons.

N1613B, a Boeing 767-332ER is flying from Portland to Atlanta today as DLDL415. It will go to Marana today as DL9970. N193DN, another 767-332ER flew into Kennedy from Madrid this morning as DL126. Later, it will go down to Birmingham as DL9975.

N16065, also a 767-332ER, is flying into Portland from Atlanta as DL2290. It will then head down to Marana as DL9966. N186DN, a 767-332ER, flew from Las Vegas to Minneapolis as DL8791. It will then head down to Marana as Dl9968.

The final 767-332ER is N194DN. It is on its way from Buenos Aires to Atlanta as DL110. It will then fly to Marana as DL9970.

And a trio of 777s

N865DA, a Boeing 777-232ER flew from Paris to Minneapolis last Thursday as DL43. It hasn’t moved since and today is going to Birmingham as DL9978. N704DK, also a 777-232ER flew into Minneapolis from Tokyo on the weekend as DL. It is off to Marana today as DL9960. N706DN, another 777-232ER, operated DL83 from Paris to Atlanta on the weekend. Today, it is operating DL9962 to Marana.

Plus a pair of swanky new A350s

It isn’t just the older birds Delta is parking. N506DN is an A350-900. It flew into Detroit from Amsterdam this weekend as DL139. Today it is going to Birmingham as DL9974. N504DN, another A350-900 is flying to Birmingham today as DL9976.

Whether this is the last batch of Delta widebodied aircraft to go into storage remains to be seen. While the bulk of the aircraft are older, it is interesting to see a couple of the newer A350s being sidelined.

But they may not be alone for long.