Delta Air Lines In Boston: A Snapshot

Delta Air Lines has been growing in key markets across the country. One of those recent markets that has seen significant growth from Delta Air Lines is Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). The main gateway to a city well-known for business and education, Delta is looking to position itself as the leading airline in the city against new growth from American and JetBlue. Here is a look at Delta pre-crisis, now, and next year.

Delta Air Lines In Boston: A Snapshot
Delta Air Lines is growing significantly in Boston. Here’s a look at where things stand. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Delta in Boston in 2019

According to data from Cirium, in July 2019, Delta Air Lines had 3,457 total departures scheduled with 445,673 seats available. In total, Delta served 46 destinations that month. This included six long-haul destinations in Europe. Delta served Lisbon (LIS), Paris (CDG), Amsterdam (AMS), London (LHR), Dublin (DUB), and Edinburgh (EDI).

Delta Air Lines In Boston: A Snapshot
Delta’s short- and medium-haul network out of BOS in July 2019. Photo: Cirium

The majority of flights out of Boston were scheduled on the Airbus A321, with 587 for the month. However, the following top scheduled aircraft were all regional jets. This includes 587 flights on the Embraer E175, 530 flights on the E170, and 435 on the CRJ900. The next top aircraft was the Boeing 737-800, with 277 operations for the month.

The top destinations by the number of departures for the month were:

  1. LaGuardia (LGA) with 376 flights
  2. Atlanta (ATL) with 373 flights
  3. New York (JFK) with 226 flights
  4. Detroit (DTW) with 201 flights
  5. Minneapolis (MSP) with 167 flights
  6. Raleigh (RDU) with 162 flights
  7. Philadelphia (PHL) with 147 flights
  8. Pittsburgh (PIT) with 118 flights
  9. Nashville (BNA) with 104 flights
  10. Indianapolis (IND) with 102 flights
Regional jets were key for Delta’s operations in Boston in 2019. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

By seat count, the top destinations were:

  1. Atlanta (ATL) with 71,543 seats
  2. Detroit (DTW) with 34,689 seats
  3. LaGuardia (LGA) with 33,830 seats
  4. Minneapolis (MSP) with 31,761 seats
  5. New York (JFK) with 20,230 seats
  6. Raleigh (RDU) with 16,780 seats
  7. Salt Lake City (SLC) with 16,106 seats
  8. Amsterdam (AMS) with 16,089 seats
  9. Orlando (MCO) with 14,590 seats
  10. Los Angeles (LAX) with 13,776 seats

Delta in Boston in 2021

In December 2021, Delta Air Lines is working its way back out of the dip during the pandemic and rebuilding its network. Data from Cirium shows that the airline has 3,085 flights scheduled for the month with 380,489 seats on offer. To Europe, Delta will be offering two long-haul routes to London and Amsterdam.

Delta Air Lines In Boston: A Snapshot
Delta’s short- and medium-haul network out of Boston in December 2021. Photo: Cirium

The top aircraft for December from BOS is the Embraer E175, with 1,315 flights scheduled. This is followed by 612 flights on the Airbus A321, 313 on the Boeing 757, 246 on the CRJ900, 200 on the Boeing 737-800, and 196 on the A220-100.

The top destinations by scheduled departures are:

  1. Atlanta (ATL) with 323 flights
  2. LaGuardia (LGA) with 263 flights
  3. Washington D.C. (DCA) with 163 flights
  4. New York (JFK) with 156 flights
  5. Detroit (DTW) with 146 flights
  6. Raleigh (RDU) with 142 flights
  7. Minneapolis (MSP) with 136 flights
  8. Chicago (ORD) with 120 flights
  9. Philadelphia (PHL) with 92 flights
  10. Los Angeles (LAX) with 84 flights
Delta Getty
The Airbus A321 is a popular aircraft across the Delta network, and it certainly has a major presence in Boston. Photo: Getty Images

By seat count, the top destinations are:

  1. Atlanta (ATL) with 61,259 seats
  2. Detroit (DTW) with 27,886 seats
  3. Minneapolis (MSP) with 25,942 seats
  4. LaGuardia (LGA) with 22,004 seats
  5. Orlando (MCO) with 15,450 seats
  6. Los Angeles (LAX) with 14,112 seats
  7. New York (JFK) with 13,169 seats
  8. Washington D.C. (DCA) with 12,381 seats
  9. Salt Lake City (SLC) with 11,408 seats
  10. Raleigh (RDU) with 10,792 seats

Compared to July 2019, Delta is smaller. However, this is not necessarily surprising. Given that the airline is still working its way out of the crisis, it is rebuilding its network. One key change in Delta’s operations is the carrier’s focus on connecting Boston to key business and leisure destinations with better inflight products and larger aircraft.

Delta in Boston in 2022

By July 2022, the airline will not be holding back one bit in Boston. The airline has scheduled 4,710 flights out of BOS that month. This includes 611,041 seats on offer. On the long-haul front, Delta will fly to all of its July 2019 transatlantic European destinations plus Rome (FCO), Athens (ATH), and Tel Aviv (TLV).

Delta Air Lines In Boston: A Snapshot
Delta’s short- and medium-haul network out of Boston in July 2022. Photo: Cirium

The Embraer E175 will still reign supreme in Boston, with 1,817 departures scheduled on that aircraft type. This is followed by 790 Airbus A321 departures, 762 scheduled on the Airbus A220-100, 352 on the Boeing 737-800, and 296 on the Boeing 757. Delta is making a push to improve the flight experience out of Boston by putting more mainline jets in service, including the popular Airbus A220-100, and adding more routes on its premium Boeing 757s that feature lie-flat seating. The Airbus A321neo will debut in Boston next year, though routes are not yet available for booking.

By departures, these are the top Delta routes out of Boston next year:

  1. LaGuardia (LGA) with 421 flights
  2. Atlanta (ATL) with 377 flights
  3. Washington D.C. (DCA) with 212 flights
  4. Detroit (DTW) with 179 flights
  5. Minneapolis (MSP) with 172 flights
  6. New York (JFK) with 155 flights
  7. Chicago (ORD) with 148 flights
  8. Raleigh (RDU) with 148 flights
  9. Newark (EWR) with 143 flights
  10. Philadelphia (PHL) with 136 flights

By seat count, these are the top Delta routes from BOS in July 2022:

  1. Atlanta (ATL) with 71,294 seats
  2. LaGuardia (LGA) with 38,203 seats
  3. Detroit (DTW) with 34,189 seats
  4. Minneapolis (MSP) with 32,852 seats
  5. Los Angeles (LAX) with 19,656 seats
  6. Orlando (MCO) with 17,763 seats
  7. Amsterdam (AMS) with 17,453 seats
  8. San Francisco (SFO) with 17,114 seats
  9. Chicago (ORD) with 16,132 seats
  10. Raleigh (RDU) with 16,132 seats

While Delta’s routes to hubs will still be the top routes by seat count and continue to have a top spot from a departures standpoint. That is not necessarily surprising, given that Delta can target both origin and destination (O&D) demand while also offering connections to other points in Delta’s network.

Delta Air Lines In Boston: A Snapshot
The A330-900neo will make its debut in Delta colors next year. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Delta is making a play in Boston. It is focused on profitable growth, but that does not mean it will be sticking with safer routes. It is taking a bit of a risk with its new long-haul routes to Athens and Boston expected to start next year. However, Delta is also growing large enough to offer connections that could make those routes work.

Delta took a pause during the pandemic. Boston was hard hit as a major coastal and business hub. Travel demand is coming back. Domestic business travel is coming back strong while leisure travel has been performing at or above pre-pandemic levels. International is a different story, but Delta is showing that Boston could be another gateway for the airline. It will fly to over 50 destinations from BOS in July 2022, with its seat count and daily departures up nearly 40% from pre-pandemic levels.