Delta Air Lines To Give Employees 4% Pay Rise

Delta Air Lines is giving its employees a little something special heading into the long weekend. For those readers who are unaware, it is currently a long weekend to celebrate Labor Day. And, this weekend, Delta announced that its employees will receive a 4% raise. This is excellent news for their employees, who can be some of the friendliest in the skies.

Delta Employees
Delta is giving its employees a 4% pay increase. Photo: Delta Air Lines

The announcement

One Mile At A Time reports that the raises will go in effect from October 1st, 2019. This announcement did not come with much fanfare. Instead, CEO Ed Bastian circulated a letter in which the airline announced the pay increases for a large number of Delta Air Lines employees.

Employees who are paid based on ground and flight attendant scales will receive a four percent increase in base pay across the board. Beyond that, merit employees will participate in a four percent merit pool for increased pay.

Delta flight attendants
Delta’s flight attendants will see a 4% increase in base pay from October 1st. Photo: Delta Air Lines

This comes at a time when Delta is hiring additional flight attendants for the class of 2020. It seems like the airline is doing quite well for itself, and has decided to pass along a little something extra to its employees.

Furthermore, CEO Ed Bastian went on further to say that profit sharing is expected to be better than last year. Although specific figures were not cited, this is a form of increased compensation. Hopefully, this new announcement offered Delta employees a little something extra to celebrate on Labor Day.

Delta expects profit sharing this year to be better than last year. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta’s excellent operations

Delta has one of the best operations of major United States airlines. It has an excellent operations record and has to combat all sorts of weather ranging from hurricanes to thunderstorms and winter ice storms.

Beyond that, Delta does not have to deal with the kinds of union issues other airlines, especially American in recent times, have had to deal with. It is important to note that Delta is fairly non-unionized. However, its pilots do have some concerns.

But, with strong financials, Delta is acting on a solid footing by giving their employees a raise after notching a 90% load factor in July.

Delta has maintained an excellent standing throughout the years. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Although Delta has some areas of improvement, including a relatively sparse long-haul network, the airline has gained a loyal following. It also does not help that, out of the big three US carriers, Delta gets some of the best name recognition and reviews.

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