Delta’s First Airbus A330neo Revealed In Toulouse Factory

Delta’s brand new A330neo has just rolled out of the paint shop, and boy does it look good!

The new aircraft features the latest in Airbus technology and is a strong contender to face Boeing’s upcoming 797 (that may be revealed at the Paris Air Show).

A330neo in a fresh coat of Delta paint. Source: Airbus

What are the details?

Delta currently has 35 Airbus A330neos on order, to replace their aging fleet of Boeing 767s. They also have several A350’s on order for their 747 jets.

“Expanding our A330 order book not only ensures that Delta’s near-to-medium-term widebody needs are taken care of but also drives our strategic, measured international growth,” said Gil West, Delta’s Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

The new A330neo is the first in the Delta fleet and will be delivered later this year. Currently (as you can see from the photos) it is missing its rather essential engines and likely the interior is still under development. TAP Portugal was the first airline in the world to get the A330neo late last year.

A330 neo
TAP Air Portugal are the launch customer for the A330-900neo

Where will the new A330neos be flying?

The new A330neo will be used on domestic short-haul routes initially that require large capacity, such as Chicago to New York. This will be to ‘show off’ the airline to the America public, as the Boeing 747 fleet and 767 fleets are slowly phased out.

It is believed that after that the A330neo will be deployed on trans-Atlantic routes to London and other European cities (whilst the A350 aircraft will be used towards Asia and Australia).

Delta A330-900neo livery. Source: Delta

What will the plane be like to fly in?

Delta has not officially revealed a seat map of the new plane yet, but looking at TAP Portugal we can see a good idea.

“Delta does not yet have an announcement for the configuration and the deployment of forthcoming A330-900neo aircraft.” – Delta Spokesperson

Airbus A330neo
TAP Portugal seat layout on the Airbus A330neo. Source: TAP Portugal

It is very likely that Delta will be featuring their Delta One mini-suites on board. With their competition on trans-Atlantic routes featuring everything from entirely encloses cabins with showers (Etihad and Emirates) to guaranteed lie-flat seats, it would be crazy for Delta not to feature a version of their top product. However, the A330neo is a little more narrow than the A350 thus a special version of the A350 might be required.

A350 Delta One
Each of the seats in the new business class has their own very private space.

The Delta A330neo will likely feature around 170 economy seats, 90 Delta select seats and 32 Delta One seats (The same ratio as the current in-service Delta A350).

Delta Air Lines Plane
Delta A350 jet taking off. Source: Delta

What do you think? Do you like the look of the new Delta A330neo?