Delta Apologizes After Baggage Is Accidentally Sprayed With Fuel

The Rutgers Scarlett Knights, the baseball team for Rutgers University had quite an unusual experience with its baggage earlier this morning. Before heading to New York JFK during a Delta Air Lines connection from Salt Lake City (SLC), the team’s bags were sprayed with jet fuel.

Delta's Airbus A220
The passengers were boarding a Delta Airbus A220 when the incident happened. Photo: Delta News Hub

Surprising occurrence

The New Jersey outfit tweeted Delta about what happened. The team shared that following the unexpected occurrence, much of the baggage is still ruined.

Within the same hour, Delta replied back to Rutgers to recommend the squad’s best course of action.

The airline said the following on Twitter:

“Hi, we’re sorry to hear about this inconvenience, we’ll be happy to check further into this situation. Please DM us the confirmation number and point of contact information. HOS.”

Delta Air Lines Salt Lake
Delta has a strong presence at Salt Lake City International Airport. It is serves as the fourth largest hub for the Atlanta-based airline. Photo: Getty Images

Arriving short

Eventually, the team landed at its intended destination in New York. However, the compromised baggage did not join the members in the city. These bags are set to eventually be transported separately. Rutgers University director of Baseball Peter Barron stayed back in Utah with the items to work with Delta on how to handle the situation.

Baggage can often get lost or destroyed in transit. However, being soaked in jet fuel isn’t the most common cause for damage. Photo: pixabay

Scarlett Knights play at the Division I level of the NCAA. Its playing history dates all the way back to 1870 and it is part of The Big Ten Conference. Therefore, some important equipment for the institution could have been implicated after jet fuel was sprayed all over the bags.

Additionally, there would have been other passengers on the plane too. Moreover, these customers may also have their baggage destroyed in the mishap.

Delta carbon neutral getty images
Despite the passengers eventually reaching their final destinations, the same can’t be said for much of their baggage. Photo: Getty Images

A word from Delta

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment on what happened in Salt Lake City.

The airline replied with the following statement:

“We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers on Flight 935 from Salt Lake City to New York – JFK who were delayed by damaged baggage during the transfer process.”

The carrier went on to state that the flight was delayed by 3.5 hours and a couple of dozen bags were impacted by the incident. Altogether, flight DL 935 was scheduled to depart at 20:35 but it left SLC Terminal 2 at 00:09. It arrived at JFK Terminal 4 at 06:31.

We replied to Delta to further clarify how the bags of the bags if the baseball team got drenched in jet fuel. We will update the article with any further announcements.

What are your thoughts about what happened to the Delta passengers’ baggage at the airport? Were you one of the passengers traveling on this flight? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section.