Incredible: Delta Comandeers Aviation Museum For Temporary Call Center

Delta is getting creative when it comes to ensuring a safe working environment for its call center representatives. As the airline grapples with high call volumes, the Delta Flight Museum is starting to come in handy for the carrier.

Spirit of Delta
Delta is using a hangar in the Flight Museum to support its call center operations. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Using the hangar as a Delta Call Center

The following was posted on Twitter:

Simple Flying reached out to Delta who confirmed that this was indeed the situation. Delta is housing some representatives’ workstations in the hangar at the Delta Flight Museum where they can support a safe working environment. In this hangar, the representatives are able to maintain a six-foot separation on all sides in line with guidance for reducing the spread of communicable diseases.

Calling a Delta representative

Due to the fluid nature of events, operations are all over the place. As a result, airlines are receiving a higher than normal wait time for phone calls. So, airlines are starting to ask customers to wait and call only if they are flying in the next 72 hours. If a passenger is unable to get through to a representative, Delta is still indicating that it will work with its customers to issue credits and changes even if a passenger does not take their flight.

Delta aircraft
Delta’s experiencing higher than normal call volumes due to this crisis. Photo: Simple Flying

The hangar

In a way, this is a fit place for the representatives to work in. The hangar itself houses the Spirit of Delta Boeing 767. This was the first 767 to fly in Delta’s fleet. And, even more important, Delta’s employees at the time pitched in to buy the aircraft for the airline.

Spirit of Delta
Delta’s employees bought the airline a Boeing 767. Photo: Delta Air Lines

These customer care representatives are some of the frontline employees working to help Delta manage this crisis. Now, the airline is working on maintaining a safe environment for its employees who are seeing call volumes skyrocket and changing situations each day. Recently, Delta even painted the names of every employee on an Airbus A321 as a way of saying thank you.

Delta Thank You
A “Thank You” Airbus A321 bears the name of every Delta employee. Photo: Delta Air Lines

The human factor

As this crisis takes its toll, it can be easy to get lost up in the number of cancellations, the number of aircraft grounded, and the amount of money that airlines need to pass through this crisis. However, at the root of this, there are people who are passionately working for airlines. And, these are trying times for those employees.

Delta profit sharing day
There are thousands of Delta employees working passionately for the airline every day. Photo: Delta Air Lines

This isn’t the case just at Delta, by any means. It extends out to every airline across the world from Delta to Norwegian to American to Qantas to SA Express to LATAM to Air India and many more.

What do you think of Delta using space at the Flight Museum for a call center? Do you work in this space? What is it like? Let us know in the comments!