Passenger Claims Delta Baggage Handler Writes Slur On Luggage Tag

A Delta passenger has had their luggage vandalized after a homophobic slur was written on their baggage during a flight with the American carrier.

Delta is in hot water after a homophobic slur was written on a passengers luggage. Photo: Delta Air Lines

What are the details?

Renee Gerrish had the word ‘Sodomite’ written on their rainbow luggage tag after flying Delta. The upset passenger posted the evidence to Twitter in protest, calling out the airline for the incident:

It is a little strange that someone would take the time to write a word like this on a baggage tag, and why they would be triggered by a rainbow tag. Plus, it’s a big assumption that the passenger happens to have a different lifestyle, perhaps the passenger just likes rainbows; colors don’t have to be political. Which actually happened in this situation.

In fact, the whole scenario just seems bizarre. Plus, we don’t know for sure if it was even a Delta employee who did this as it may have been many of the other thousands of airport employees who roam the vast facility.

Some people on Twitter certainly think that this situation is a little too good to be true and thought to question the whole series of events.

So far, the passenger has had this response from the airline.

What has been the airlines’ response?

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for a comment on this situation, but they had not replied to media enquires as of the time of publishing. Although, as pointed out by View From The Wing, Delta has a firm policy with regards to how it treats its passengers.

“As a global carrier with a diverse workforce and customer base, we are committed to respecting and treating all passengers equally.”

Delta Air Lines, Boeing 757, Ponta Delgada
Delta is expected to release a statement soon. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

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