Delta Begins Sanitizing Every Flight

Delta Air Lines is sanitizing every single flight at its airports using electrostatic sprayers. The Atlanta-based carrier made the announcement today, in a bid to raise the standards for airline cleanliness amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delta 767
Delta is working hard to ensure its services remain as clean as possible. Photo: Getty Images

Effective process

According to a press release, this spraying technique provides a safe way to clean an aircraft cabin from floor to ceiling. They electrically charge and disperse liquid disinfectant in a fine mist that clings to surfaces. Altogether, the sprayers sanitizer seats, seatback screens, armrests, tray tables, doors, lavatories, and galleys.

The airline has been using these sprayers on flights to the US from Asia since February. However, the outbreak quickly spread across the world in March, and Delta rapidly expanded the procedure across its services.

The disinfectant combats several infectious diseases, including coronaviruses. Moreover, surfaces are safe to touch immediately after it is applied. Therefore, passengers and crew don’t have to wait long before boarding after the substance is sprayed. Regardless, the carrier’s cleaning team goes over an extensive checklist after this process is complete.

Delta sanitization
The sprayers clean passenger and crew touch points. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Strong commitments

Eric Phillips, Delta SVP of airport customer service and cargo, spoke of his airline’s approach to hygiene on its operations. He said that the firm’s measures could help its passengers travel with greater confidence.

“Providing a clean and healthy flying experience goes beyond meeting customer expectations, it’s part of our commitment to safety,” Phillips said, as per the press release.

“Our customers can fly with confidence knowing that, on every Delta flight, the cabin has been sanitized top to bottom, interior surfaces and common areas have been thoroughly cleaned and Delta team members have confirmed the aircraft meets our cleanliness standards before boarding ever begins.”

Delta Aircraft
Most of the airline’s aircraft remain on the ground due to the health crisis. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Crucial steps

The businessman added that he is proud of his teams that are going the extra mile to change what it means for a carrier to be clean. Reservation centers, airport employee work and break areas, crew lounges, and office spaces are also going through the same procedures.

Along with these cleaning measures, the company has introduced seat blocking on its flights. Middle seats have been blocked from sale on all services since the middle of last month.

However, the firm will now block select window and aisle seats in all cabins on aircraft configured with 1×2, 2×2 and 2×3 seating. Additionally, along with the introduction of mandatory face masks, 60 percent of its first class seats are being capped.

Altogether, with the aviation industry rocked by the global health crisis, Delta is finding ways to help its customers travel with comfort. Even though passenger activity is low, there are still several individuals that need to travel. Therefore, they would want to ensure that their journey is as safe as it can be amid the pandemic.

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment on its sanitizing process. We will update the article with any further announcements.

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