Delta Set To Make Beijing Daxing Switch

Delta Air Lines has become the latest international airline to announce a switch to Beijing’s new Daxing Airport. The airline announced that the change would take place from March 2020, while excluding an exact date.

Delta Air Lines, Beijing Daxing, 2020
Delta Air Lines Airbus A350 will be seen at Beijing Daxing Airport from April 2020. Photo: Airbus

So far since its opening, we’ve seen a steady stream of international airlines switching from Beijing’s Capital Airport to the new Daxing Airport. This was kicked off by British Airways who just today announced a joint business agreement with China Southern. Now the US giant Delta Air Lines has announced that it too will make the move South to Beijing Daxing Airport.

A new airport for Beijing

Beijing’s new airport officially opened its runways to China on the 25th of September. This was followed by the first international flight to the airport which was operated on the 27th of October, a little over a month later. By 2021, the airport should be handling 45 million passengers per year.

For the first day of operations, Chinese carriers brought a range of their flagship aircraft along. China Southern operated the first service with an Airbus A380 which flew to Guangzhou. Shortly afterwards China Eastern operated an Airbus A350-900 service, while Air China brought its Boeing 747-8 along for the occasion.

Delta Air Lines, Beijing Daxing, 2020
Daxing Airport opened its runways in late September. Photo: British Airways

Delta’s arrival

Delta Air Lines will arrive at Beijing Daxing for the first time in around three months’ time. While the first flight is yet to be confirmed by the airline, it has said that the official date will be in March 2020.

While British Airways found that moving to Daxing would colocate them with partner China Southern, it seems as though Delta expects to see the same results with China Eastern. Delta’s daily Airbus A350 service from Detroit will be joined at the airport by the airline’s daily Airbus A330neo service from Seattle by the end of the first half of 2020.

Through codeshare agreements with China Eastern, Delta passengers will eventually have access to 30 destinations throughout China via Beijing Daxing Airport.

Delta Air Lines, Beijing Daxing, 2020
Deltas Airbus A330neo will join the A350 at Beijing Daxing by the end of the first half of 2020. Photo: Airbus

Speaking of the relocation, Wong Hong, Delta’s President for Greater China and Singapore, said:

“The brand new Daxing International Airport will provide us a great opportunity to better serve the growing needs of our customers in China. As Delta operates in the new mega airport, working with China Eastern side by side, customers will enjoy the improved departure and arrival times, seamless connection, more convenient baggage delivery, and faster security check, customs and boarding/arrival procedures.”

Will you be looking to fly with Delta to Beijing’s Daxing Airport? Would you fly there from Seattle on the Airbus A330 or Detroit on the Airbus A350? Let us know why in the comments!