Delta To Add ‘Binge’ Button To Inflight Entertainment Screens

At CES 2020, Delta Air Lines announced that it will be introducing new additions to its inflight entertainment system this year. Passengers of the airline will be able to enjoy features such as a “binge button”.

Delta Boeing 777
Delta is introducing new initiatives with its inflight entertainment. Photo: Delta

Useful introductions

This button will enable passengers to sit back and enjoy the ride while watching their favorite programs without interruption. Furthermore, the airline is piloting a “recommended for you” feature that will suggest curated content based on what the passenger has previously watched.

Additionally, Delta will experiment with tools such as “do not disturb” or “wake me for meal service” signals for its passengers in the main cabin on certain long-haul operations.

These initiatives have been developed on the back of the work that its branch Delta Flight Products has conducted. This startup was founded in 2016 with just 10 employees but it has gone on to hold 300 members of staff.

Here, they have been working on developing innovative products such as the carrier’s new wireless IFE system. This service is already flying on Delta’s A220s, A330-900s, and modified 767-400s. Now, the airline wants to advance on this system by introducing new features for it this year.

Changing landscape

There has been speculation that several airlines could pay much less attention to inflight entertainment screens by the time this decade is over. This is because firms will focus more on providing content to passengers’ mobile devices with greater wireless connectivity continuing to emerge.

Delta IFE
Passengers are increasingly preferring to stream content on their personal devices. Photo: Delta Air Lines

However, Tim Mapes, Delta’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer has shared his airline and its passengers still value what is on offer. This has spurred the firm to expand on its services.

“Our research tells us that customers really enjoy and appreciate entertainment – it is their ultimate de-stressor in flight,” Mapes said, as per Delta’s press release.

“That’s why we keep extending our position as the entertainment airline and continue growing our in-house expertise through Delta Flight Products – allowing us to explore a future where captivating content becomes part of the entire customer journey, not just in the air.”

Delta Screens
Delta’s IFE has received a reconfiguration over the last few years. Photo: Delta

Keeping up with the industry

Delta does enable its passengers to stream its content to mobile devices too via the Gogo Entertainment app. Therefore, the airline does have all the bases covered.

Screens are being heavily promoted at this year’s CES. Abundary reports that firms have been focusing on manufacturing new state of the art screens. For instance, Samsung has introduced the ‘Infinity’ QLED 8K TV, which is 99 percent screen space. Furthermore, it has introduced a new range of gaming monitors with extreme curvature.

Altogether, with our time behind a screen becoming incredibly prominent, all industries are expanding on the experience on offer. Therefore, Delta is on the right track by continuing to revamp its IFE.

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment on the new IFE features but didn’t hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements.

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