Delta May Order Up To 200 ‘Boeing 797’ Aircraft To Replace 757’s And 767’s

Boeing is in the process of preparing its next commercial jet. The new midrange aircraft or NMA is expected to be named the B797. With the official launch rumoured to be at the Paris Air Show, it is time for Boeing to start looking for potential clients.

This is where Delta enters our story. The airline has a number of ageing aircraft including B757s and B767. In a world where efficiency is becoming the go-to decision maker, these aircraft are set to be retired over the next ten years. Delta is reportedly interested in replacing these with the B797.

Delta 797
Delta is in talks with Boeing regarding the B797. Picture: Delta A330. Image by corgaasbeek on Pixabay

Not Official

Boeing’s 797 project has not even been launched officially yet. The aircraft is being worked on, but this is very much taking place behind the scenes. As of October, the 797 project was yet to be signed off by Boeing executives. All that is currently known about this new aircraft is intended range and seat count.


Boeing is set to start out with two B797 models. The first will be known as the B797-6 and will be designed to carry 228 passengers a distance 4500nmi. This will be followed by the B797-7, designed to carry 267 passengers, however, it would only reach 4,100nmi.

Delta 797
Boing is currently focused on the B777x. Photo: Boeing

More Fuel Efficient

Boing has been building aircraft for many years, and in that time have learnt a lot. The company is now equipping aircraft with fuel-saving measures left, right, and centre. This has become especially important of late as fuel prices continue to rise.

Aircraft are costing more to run, which has led some low-cost carriers such as Primera Air to bankruptcy. Other airlines such as Wow are desperately trying to find a buyer, while Flybe was purchased by Virgin Atlantic. As such, airlines want to buy aircraft with cheaper running costs, and Boeing wants to make that aircraft.

Delta 797
Delta could replace ageing B757 and B767 aircraft with the B797. Image by skeeze on Pixabay

Discussions with Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has been in discussions with Boeing, this is according to the CEO of Delta himself. AeroTime reports that Edward H. Bastian confirmed he was in preliminary talks with Boeing regarding the aircraft, and that Delta is “very interested” in the B797.

He told a conference: “We are in discussions at a very preliminary phase with Boeing on it, and we’ll find out. Hopefully they’ll decide to go.”, adding “We have almost 200 aircraft between the 757s and 767s that we need to replace over the next decade,”

It seems almost certain that Boeing will go ahead with launching the B797, and this interest from Delta should surely help. Simple Flying will keep readers up to date on the B797.

Do you think Delta would purchase the B797? Let us know in the comments down below!


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Interesting that you place a picture of a Delta 330 in a story about Boeing. And the 330s were originally from NW Airlines…


You posted two photos of Delta A330s with this story. Please be better at this.

Air-journal blog

The 797-6 is similary at the 767-200 and the 797-7 at the 767-300

767-200 : 129
767-200er : 120 arround
767-300 : 104
767-300er : more than 580
767-300f : more than 145
767-400er : 37


200ea B797 are not realistic for Delta. Maybe 100ea additional with their current orders.

They have currently 79ea B767 in thier fleet and 35ea A330-900 to replace them on order. So 44ea B767 left.

They have currently 127ea B757 and 116ea MD88/90 in their fleet and 155ea A321(neo) and 10ea B739 to replace them on order. So 78ea B757 left.

It doesn’t make much sense, to add a new aircraft type in Deltas fleet, if they have already equivalent types (A321neo, A330neo).

Black Angel

A321 are not a Replacement for 757. We fly 757 to Africa Europe and even South America. the 797 is a perfect replacement. A321 have no range and lack cargo space that the 757 has.

Mark M

I think the recent two crashes of the Boeing 737 Max will weigh heavily on carriers wanting ANY future new Boeing aircraft, and that’s a shame. Because just when Boeing has got most of its problems out of the way with the Dreamliner, and is planning a profitable 797, along with Airbus cancelling the A380, it can’t seem to even modify its most popular 737 without it crashing and killing hundreds. If I was a stockholder in Boeing, I’d be divesting very quickly.


The FAA should have required required a separate certification for this model aircraft. (maybe B738) This was not an update on the existing engines but completely new engines installed in a different location. I have limited knowledge of this model aircraft but it must have two angle of attack sensors, one on the pilot’s side and one on the copilot’s. The outputs most go to AHS computers and be fed to EFIS for display and to the EICAS for warning indications. If the outputs are different the EICAS should display a comparator warning (amber) on the instrument panel for the… Read more »


A 797 that can seat from 228-268 passengers and fly 10 hour missions is nice and all but there are still plenty of market potential for an aircraft flying 180 pax for up to 5400nm, if only the plane builders can build one that can fly on something other than fossil fuels.

Mick Russom

there better do it . and fast. everyone i know is done with the 737. it sucks. its not comfortable. it shares parts with the 707. and now the max-models are killing people its time to clean sheet it. im a lifelong boeing guy but this 737 garbage needs to stop. make NMA and get a clean sheet for the 737. its done. stick a fork in it.

Bernard Mayila

let us see the changes