Delta CEO Calls For US Government To Mandate Masks

The global health crisis is still causing a storm throughout the aviation industry. Passengers and carriers have different views when it comes to traveling in the current conditions. Amid the ever-changing situation, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian feels that the government of the United States should make it compulsory to wear face masks on passenger aircraft.

Delta Airlines, COVID-19, Employees
Delta is calling on authorities to be strict when it comes to the wearing of face coverings on planes. Photo: Getty Images

An important request

The executive has shared that the country’s officials should make onboard mask wearing a mandate. Currently, fliers are not federally required to wear a covering on their journey. Therefore, this factor has already caused debate on airline policy over the last few months.

However, Bastian is showing his intent to change the national stance on the issue. He has already spoken with federal representatives on the matter, but he is not positive that there will be a shift so soon.

The businessman said the following according to CNN:

“We’ve had those discussions with the White House…I feel strongly about it…but I’m not sure some of my peers and other airlines feel the same way. So as a practical matter, I’m not sure it’s gonna happen.”

Ed Bastian Delta
Delta CEO Ed Bastian is passionate about the subject. Photo: Delta Air Lines

National conversation

Bastian added that the vast majority of the Atlanta-based carrier’s customers are wearing masks onboard. According to him, 99.9% of them are following the company’s requirements.

Nonetheless, there is a minority that is not complying. Subsequently, several operators, including Delta, are banning these passengers from booking future travel on their services.

Face masks Argentina passengers
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, masks are now a standard sight at airports across the globe. Photo: Getty Images

Altogether, the industry veteran is annoyed about how face masks have become part of political disputes. Ultimately, he just wants the country to put safety first when it comes to traveling.

Bastian said the following according to the report:

“I think I can speak for corporate America: We’re all frustrated with the politicization of safeguarding the health and well-being of our employees, as well as our customers…we ask our customers to wear the mask, not only to safeguard themselves but just as importantly safeguard others.”

Delta electrostatic spraying
The use of electrostatic spraying and HEPA air filters are just two of the hygiene practices in place by the airline. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Better safe than sorry

Regardless, Delta is not taking any risks with its safety measures. Along with several cleaning procedures in place, it is still implementing seat blocking until at least the end of September. While the US is still getting to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, the airline is going above and beyond to ensure that its operations run smoothly.

What are your thoughts about Delta asking the US government to mandate the wearing of face coverings on planes? Do you agree with the airline on this issue? Let us know what you think of the topic in the comment section.