Delta Extends Change Fee Waiver For All Passengers Through April

As the Italian government is taking precautions to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Delta Air Lines is reducing service to Rome. At the same time, the carrier is also giving passengers greater flexibility by waving more change fees for passengers traveling through April 30th.

Delta A330
Delta Air Lines is waiving more change fees. Photo: Airbus

Extension of change fee waivers

Delta is now offering passengers greater flexibility when it comes to booking flights. Previously, Delta did offer change fee waivers for customers who purchased tickets between March 1st and 31st.

Delta Getty
Delta previously offered change fee waivers for customers who booked travel between March 1st and 31st. Photo: Getty Images

Now, however, Delta has announced that is extending that change fee waiver to include all tickets– international and domestic– for travel through April 30th for tickets booked before March 9th. Change fees are waived for flights to Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, and all Italian locations through May 31st.

Reducing losses

Part of Delta’s move is likely to encourage passengers to continue to book travel with flexibility in mind given the changing situation. Airlines are noticing a drop in demand across the board.

Delta Air Lines Salt Lake
Delta’s change fee waiver extension is likely being implemented in order to Photo: Getty Images

Delta’s seeking to assuage wary travelers

Myself and many other Delta SkyMiles members received an email letter from CEO Ed Bastian describing some efforts Delta has taken to reduce any anxiety from travel.

CEO Ed Bastian
Delta sent out an email from CEO Ed Bastian explaining its various measures. Photo: Delta Airlines

One of the things highlighted is Delta’s experience with dealing with the H1N1 and Ebola outbreaks. In addition, Delta has worked with the CDC, WHO, and FAA to create guidelines and policies that will keep both travelers and crew safe.

Delta flight attendant
Delta is putting measures in place to help reduce the risk to passengers and crew. Photo: Delta News Hub via Flickr

In addition, Delta has reduced some of its international frequencies. This includes reducing flights to Italy, Japan, South Korea, and suspending flights to China. Much of this reduction coincides not just with a drop in demand, but also notifications and warnings from the United States Department of State.

Keeping aircraft clean

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, airlines are becoming more transparent when it comes to enhanced cleaning measures. Delta is doing the same. More aircraft are undergoing fogging, more cabin areas such as tray tables, seats, seatback pockets, lavatories, etc. are undergoing a rigorous disinfection process to limit customer-to-customer spread. And, Delta is also separating some silverware and dishware from others to avoid cross-contamination.

Delta 757 interior
Delta is deploying different techniques to ensure that its aircraft are properly cleaned and sanitized. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying


Ultimately, it is up to each person themselves to decide whether or not they want to travel. Delta is offering passengers some flexibility by extending change fee waivers for more passengers through April 30th and offering customers greater flexibility if they purchase flights between March 1st and 31st. However, as the situation develops, Delta could continue to alter its policies– hopefully for the best.

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