Winter Weather Forecast Leads To Delta Dakota Travel Waivers

Extreme weather conditions in the Midwest region of the United States have led Delta Air Lines to issue a series of travel waivers. Wintry weather is expected in the Midwest, and Delta has thus provided passengers booked on its flights with several travel options.

Winter Weather Forecast Leads To Delta Dakota Travel Waivers
Delta is offering passengers several waiver options. Photo: Delta.

Travel waivers

Travelers will have the option of remaining on their scheduled flights, but it is far from guaranteed at this time that they will indeed take place. Delta has recommended that passengers check on their flight status regularly, using My Trips on, or via the Fly Delta app. Flight reservations will automatically remain in place unless customers make manual alterations.

But passengers have also been given the option of waiver, meaning that they can cancel their existing flight for no charge, and book an alternative option instead. Delta has advised passengers to go through their website or apps via the ‘Modify Flight’ feature, and upon changing flights the itinerary change fee will be waived prior to checkout.

However, with severe storms forecast for the Midwest area, Delta has also offered passengers the option of canceling their flights. Unfortunately, passengers will not receive a refund in this scenario, but Delta has promised to provide the value of the ticket purchased towards another flight at any point in the future.

Winter Weather Forecast Leads To Delta Dakota Travel Waivers
Extreme weather conditions are expected in the Midwest region. Photo: Delta.

Terms and conditions

Certain terms and conditions also apply to the flight waivers, so Delta passengers are advised to check their travel information and the precise terms related to it, before making any waiver decision.

Weather reports indicate that the Midwest region is about to be blasted with some of the most extreme weather that it has experienced in recent years. Severe thunderstorms will threaten the southern Plains and Midwest into Thursday, according to forecasters, while Iowa is set to be hit with the coldest weather of the year so far.

Delta is one of the most successful airlines in the United States and is considered a legacy carrier (meaning that it had established routes before the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act). It is ranked 41st in the 2019 SKYTRAX ratings, falling slightly from its 37th place in the 2018 list.

The airline has also been successful in growing its revenue in recent years, with its 2018 annual revenue amounting to $44.438 billion. This is expected to grow one more during 2019, with market forecasters suggesting that Delta may earn in the region of $47.5 billion.

Winter Weather Forecast Leads To Delta Dakota Travel Waivers
Delta has invested in multiple airlines in recent years. Photo: via PeakPX.

Airline investments

Considering its strong financial position, Delta has made multiple investments in other airlines recently. In September, the airline announced a 20% investment in LATAM, while the company owns 49% of Virgin Atlantic and the same proportion of Aeromexico. It also has joint ventures with Air-France-KLM, Korean Air, Virgin Australia, and China Eastern.

The company also announced just a few weeks back that it was launching three new routes to Boston’s Logan Airport.