Delta Air Lines Helps Woman Get Home For Dog’s Final Goodbye

Delta Air Lines stepped in recently to help a woman on vacation get home to see her dog one last time. For this to happen, Delta needed to bend the rules just a little. Thankfully, the carrier was able to work everything out to get the woman back to her dog in time.

Delta A350
Delta worked to accommodate a woman so she could see her dog one last time. Photo: Delta

The situation

According to Rene’s Points, Lynsey Schroeder was on vacation in Chile when she received a troubling phone call from home. Her dog, Quasar, was in grave condition and she needed to get home as soon as possible. Last-minute ticket changes can sometimes be exorbitant, so Ms. Schroeder called up Delta who worked things out without charging for change fees.

Delta Employees
Delta employees worked with Ms. Schroeder to get her home in time to say goodbye. Photo: Delta

Thanks to Delta’s courtesy, Ms. Schroeder was able to say goodbye to her dog one last time.



Unfortunately, Ms. Schroeder’s beloved dog passed away soon after her arrival. Quasar suffered from cancer which led to his demise.

Delta has received negative press for the way some of their customers have been treated. However, there are also plenty of other stories where Delta has stepped in to make the difference in a day.

Recently, a story posted on Delta’s News Hub revealed the time when Minneapolis-based employees were able to change a man’s flight in time to get him to Cincinnati for a liver transplant. Working together, the airline was able to get the passenger to Cincinnati in time for his lifesaving operation.

Delta 737-900er
Delta was able to step in and get a passenger to Cincinnati in time for a liver transplant. Photo: Delta

As a frequent Delta flier, I’ve also had many Delta employees work to help me through unfortunate situations. Recently, while in transit at Atlanta, I discovered that my grandmother’s health had significantly deteriorated and I had to get to India. After getting in line at the help desk, I was able to change my flights and work to get my bags rerouted.

Unfortunately, it seemed that there was no way I would be able to get to India in time to see her again. The Delta team then worked to route me home – all while waiving every applicable fee. When my mother had to change her flight after my grandmother’s passing, Delta also waived the change fees.

Delta 767
Delta has worked with me to rearrange my travel plans amid a crisis. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying


Airlines usually get a lot of bad press because little nuances can lead to frustration. However, there are times when airlines do extend compassion and good nature to help those in need. Delta was able to do just this to get Ms. Schroeder home in time to see Quasar one last time.

Has Delta ever worked with you for last-minute travel emergencies? Has any airline ever waived fees for you during a crisis? Let us know in the comments!


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Fur babies

There isn’t a human living who couldn’t be touched by this story. I read a story about a young girl in Florida somewhere where she posted on united airlines twitter account that she left her electric hairdryer in the bathroom in Florida, she was fly8ngnthroigh Denver on united. She said she was going to a concert of a lifetime and was devastated she forgot her dryer. So United , upon her change of planes in Denver , met her at the gate with a hair dryer. They went out and bought a hairdryer for her while she was flying. A… Read more »

Daniel Baglietto Seymour


Arthur at Runway 28L

Delta is at the top of their game at the corporate level to go extra lengths to help/rescue passengers, including those that didn’t even hold tickets with Delta (example:

Southwest’s pilots are awesome at going above and beyond to passengers at an individual level. (Example: one pilot even paid for train tickets to get customers home)

United pilots have picked up their game too. Example:

American is in a black hole all to itself. They seem incapable of inspiring compassionate actions.

Arthur at Runway 28L

Here is the reference to the Southwest story that occurred on 9/11 when Southwest planes were forced to land at airports where there was no Southwest ground crew: