Delta Now Offering All Passengers A Goody Bag On Domestic Flights

Delta Air Lines is now offering passengers in all cabin classes on domestic flights hand sanitizing wipes and a snack bag instead of full onboard service as announced on April 16th. This service will be offered in all cabin classes.

Delta is offering passengers a snack back with a sanitizing wipe onboard its flights. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta offering passengers hand sanitizing wipes

Airlines are taking specific steps in minimizing the risk of illness transmission onboard aircraft. In one move, Delta is offering all passengers a snack bag that also contains a hand sanitizing wipe. This packaged wipe can be used to sanitize hands or else clean the seat area.

The bag also comes with snacks. While selections may vary based on availability, currently, Delta is offering passengers Cheez-Its, Biscoff cookies, and an 8.5-ounce bottle of water. Passengers will receive this bag when flight attendants pass through the cabin. These bags are only available on domestic flights. Although scaled-back, Delta is still offering more comprehensive service on long-haul flights.

Delta Now Offering All Passengers A Goody Bag On Domestic Flights
Biscoff cookies are part of the snack bag. Photo: Delta Air Lines

The bag serves as a way to minimize contact. Flight attendants can move through the cabin quickly and provide passengers a bag that also serves as a garbage bag.

Reducing touchpoints

In the last few weeks, Delta has focused on streamlining its operations to reduce passenger touchpoints. Not only does this move save the airline additional cleaning costs, but it also keeps passengers and crew healthy by limiting interactions where travelers may pick up the virus.

Delta Now Offering All Passengers A Goody Bag On Domestic Flights
While Delta is fogging aircraft, it is also important to minimize contact within the cabin. Photo: Delta Air Lines

On most domestic flights, Delta has significantly cut service and reduced the level of service that flight attendants provide. However, while this is an excellent preventive measure, it does restrict some of the airline’s offerings.

Investing in the experience

Delta is an airline that looks to invest in its product to drive up passenger loyalty. That’s why the airline was one of the first to upgrade its international long-haul experience in the United States. It was also the first of the US airlines to add business class suites with doors on many long-haul aircraft.

Delta coronavirus
Not all of Delta’s aircraft have suite-style business class cabins. Photo: Simple Flying

Now is definitely not the time to travel if you can avoid it. However, for those who must fly, Delta’s team is giving passengers a reason to choose them over other airlines. This will be especially crucial when it comes to getting the few flying passengers on board aircraft.

Though small, adding a hand sanitizing wipe is a practical gesture and one that will be welcomed by passengers. As customers are concerned about their health, this ensures that they have a way to sanitize their hands while flying.

Delta 717 getty
The hand sanitizing wipe is a small but practical gesture. Photo: Getty Images

The new normal?

This move reduces costs when compared to Delta’s traditional onboard offerings. There are no alcoholic beverages available for passengers in Comfort+ or First, and no meal service is available even in the latter cabin.

For the foreseeable future, airlines are going to take passenger and crew health very seriously. This change is likely something that may stick around at Delta for the next few months- or longer if necessary…even if it does generate a little more waste.

Do you think Delta’s move will stick around? Or is it temporary? Let us know in the comments!

Simple Flying reached out to Delta prior to publication. However, the airline was not immediately available.