Delta Cuts Most Of Enhanced Economy Class Dining Experience

From April 8th, Delta is gearing up to make some major reductions to its enhanced economy class offerings. Introduced last year, the airline is streamlining services to prioritize the health of customers and crew on long-haul international flights.

Delta Getty
Delta is cutting a large portion of its enhanced Main Cabin experience. Photo: Getty Images

Main Cabin dining experience cuts

The airline announced a change in inflight service procedures on long-haul international flights. Previously, passengers in economy class were in for a treat as Delta upgraded its inflight services for passengers in November, 2019. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led Delta to rethink some of its services and offerings. The goal is to minimize the possibility of transmission between passengers and crew.

Now, this new streamlining will see an end to Delta’s complimentary “Welcome Aboard” Bellinis.

Delta main cabin
There will be no more Bellinis in the Main Cabin from April 8th. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Prior to the meal service, Delta also offered passengers a hot towel service. Now, that service has been suspended. This is also true for the pre-arrival hot towel service.

The main meal was a real treat. Passengers could choose their favorite meal from a menu and receive appetizers, entrees to mix and match along with a side of bread. And after the meal, passengers also received a separate dessert service. This is similar to service offered in Delta’s Premium Select.

Premium Select Meal
The enhanced Main Cabin dining sounds similar to the Premium Select dining experience. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Now, this service has been streamlined to an entree with appetizer and dessert. It seems as this will all be served on a single tray at the same time. There will, however, be a full selection of beverages. This includes alcoholic items such as beer, some wine options, and spirits.

Delta Cuts Most Of Enhanced Economy Class Dining Experience
Delta will offer an entree, appetizer, and dessert in economy. Photo: Delta Air Lines

How long will service be scaled back?

The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic means that it is anyone’s best guess. Although, it is highly likely that Delta will offer this scaled-back service for several weeks if not longer. Ultimately, it depends on the guidance from health agencies and, to an extent, passenger feedback.

Delta Main Cabin
The Main Cabin experience will see a downgrade. Photo: Delta Air Lines

However, there is a possibility that Delta may retain this scaled-back service for some time. The fluid nature of the situation is also taking its toll on Delta’s finances. Thus, reducing onboard service would be one way for Delta to keep costs low until the carrier can return to its full profitability. The scaled-back Main Cabin service is not too far off from a traditional long-haul economy service.


Delta’s enhanced Main Cabin dining experience was a nice investment in the back. Although, much like flight schedules around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing this reduction in inflight service. How long this lasts, however, is anyone’s guess.

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Simple Flying reached out to Delta for additional information. However, the airline was immediately unavailable for comment.