Delta Air Lines Economy Passengers In For A Treat With Vastly Improved Service

If you’re flying Delta Air Lines in economy class, you’ll soon find a vastly improved experience. After testing the concept out between Portland and Tokyo, Delta is ready to roll out the new service concept on long-haul international flights. Let’s take a look at what this new service will entail.

Delta new main cabin service
Delta is debuting a new long-haul international main cabin experience. Photo: Delta

Welcome drinks

After takeoff, flight attendants will commence a new drink service. This drink service will entail a “Welcome Aboard” cocktail with Bellinis. According to Delta Air Lines, this cocktail is a mixture of sparkling wine and infused peach puree.

Welcome drink
Passengers will soon receive a welcome drink in the main cabin. Photo: Delta

Hot towel service

Between the welcome drinks and the main meal, passengers in the main cabin will receive a hot towel service. Whether this is a moist hot towelette or an actual towel remains to be seen.

Hot towel
Passengers will receive a hot towel, although likely with a less extravagant presentation. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Main meal

Delta’s main economy meal is going to receive an upgrade. The service is supposed to be “bistro-style”. This includes upgraded mix and match entrees and appetizers. Furthermore, passengers will receive larger entrees, a refreshed menu, and a separate dessert. Basically, this will consist of a multi-course meal similar to what is offered in Premium Select. Passengers will also dine using more proper dinnerware and upgraded cutlery. To top it off, you’ll also have a placemat.

Delta Premium Select Meal
A Premium Select meal that may soon be found in economy. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Hearing about new options on the menu is a delight. In 2018, I made four eastbound crossings in Delta’s Main Cabin. These four trips were months apart from each other. Unfortunately, each time the meal options were exactly the same. As a result, this refresh is definitely good news– especially for Delta’s frequent fliers.

Hot towel service again!

Just before arrival, passengers will receive a second hot towel service. This is a service that other airlines offer in business or first class.

Delta First Class hot towel service. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Arrival chocolate

Just before landing, passengers will also get to munch on some chocolates. Delta brands this as a gesture to thank passengers for choosing Delta. Already, Delta offers a similar concept in Delta One.

Delta One passengers receive a chocolate just prior to landing. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

What routes will receive this service?

According to Delta, international flights that are six-and-a-half hours or longer will receive this new service. In addition, select shorter international flights where Delta One or Delta Premium Select is offered will also receive this new enhanced economy service.


Here is an infographic detailing Delta’s updated Main Cabin service:

Delta new main cabin service
Delta infographic showing the new Main Cabin service. Photo: Delta

It is good to see an airline investing in their economy service. Generally, airlines will “enhance” the economy service without any real upgrades. In this case, Delta Air Lines is making the economy experience a bit more premium.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out on a larger scale, and I look forward to trying out the new service on a Delta flight. Ultimately, the biggest question will be how this service compares to what Delta offers in their Premium Select cabin.

Have you tried Delta’s enhanced Main Cabin service? Are you excited for Delta’s enhanced Main Cabin service? Let us know in the comments!


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This is actually a decent proposal from Delta, let alone a North American carrier. Let’s see how it pans out from passenger reviews.


This looks very nice! Although I must say that I found the food on recent Delta longhaul flights to be very acceptable, a further improvement is always welcome. One area in which Delta could certainly improve service is cabin crew attitude/demeanor. Although there are (luckily) exceptions, there are a lot of indifferent, cranky — almost contemptuous — crew onboard, who exude boredom and dissatisfaction. Contrast that with the smiling, polished crew on Qatar and Emirates. Even Ryanair crew are chatty and friendly (at least on the flights that I take). Maybe it’s age related, or a cultural question…I don’t know.… Read more »


Very good idea as Low Cost Airlines with minimal service are aiming at lauching routes betwen the US & Europe.Passengers who enjoy attentionate service(+ personal TV screens) and proper food will choose Air France -KLM and Delta.

pat K

Great move Delta! Love that I can now consider flying Delta for international flights as I avoided all international flights using US carriers due to lack of amenities.

Joanna Bailey

Yep, it’s a super addition to a solid service

Ella DM

We were able to try this last June on a Narita to Portland flight and all of these happened! First time to fly again with Delta after 5 years(service was that bad before, was just thinking of using my miles this time to finish everything off) and I was pleasantly surprised to experience this treatment. Thought it’s the new norm and vowed to fly again with Delta after my trip. Its definitely an upgrade(of experience). Kudos to them! Please maintain this. You’ve gotten back one more customer from me!