Delta To Cap 50% Of First Class Seat Sales

Delta Air Lines is taking extra steps to provide safe flying experiences for customers and employees amid the global health crisis. Today, the Atlanta-based carrier announced that it is capping seating at 50 percent in its first class. There will also be a capping of 60 percent in its main cabin, Delta Comfort +, and Delta Premium Select offerings.

Delta A220
All of Delta’s services will see changes over the next few months. Photo: Getty Images

Change of scene

According to a press release, this change will last through June 30th. Altogether, every cabin across the Delta’s fleet will have fewer passengers on board.

The operator has been busy putting measures in place to help combat health concerns during the pandemic. With this in mind, it has decided to make changes to its seat booking.

“While middle seats have been blocked from sale on all flights since mid-April, Delta will now also block select window and aisle seats in all cabins on aircraft configured with 1×2, 2×2 and 2×3 seating,” Delta said, as per the press release.

“Seat blocks for narrowbody and regional jet aircraft will launch this week; blocks for the two-seat sections of widebody aircraft will be visible in the coming weeks. This measure expands our seat blocking practices to Delta’s entire operating fleet, including mainline and regional Delta Connection aircraft.”

When booking a seat online or via Delta’s app, blocked seats won’t be able to be chosen. Therefore, passengers looking to sit next to someone that they are traveling with should speak with an agent when arriving at the gate. They should also consult with a staff member if they need extra assistance.

Delta A220 First Class
First class on a Delta Airbus A220. Photo: Delta Air Lines via Flickr

Extra measures

The airline has been praised for its cabin configurations over the years and, the spacious setting is something that has been highlighted. However, with the greater distance needed during this period, there is now even more room.

There are also other space-saving techniques across the customer journey. The carrier is adjusting its boarding process to encourage more space for safer travel. It is boarding all flights  from back-to-front. Therefore, there will be fewer instances where travelers need to pass each other to reach their seats.

Along with these seating changes, Delta recently made face masks mandatory for everyone on board its services. Additionally, it is expanding electrostatic spraying to all its planes before taking off. There are also extensive cleaning processes in its aircraft, as well as state-of-the-art air circulation systems that extract more than 99.999% of viruses.

Delta Air Lines grounded planes
Most of Delta’s planes remain on the ground due to the downturn in passenger activity. Photo: Getty Images

Furthermore, the firm is streamlining its onboard dining and beverage service while encouraging customers to pack their own food and non-alcoholic drinks. Ultimately, this process will help decrease physical touchpoints. Moreover, hand sanitizers, amenity kits, and other protective supplies are being given to passengers.

Empty delta plane coronavirus
The airline’s planes are far from packed right now. Photo: Getty Images

Necessary actions

Altogether, it is great to see carriers such as Delta do their best to help minimize the risk for those flying on their services. Even though there are several restrictions in place right now, for some, travel is still essential.

Therefore, these passengers would feel a little less concerned knowing that additional steps are being taken to ensure their safety. Even though the capping is scheduled to last through June 30th, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it last for a little longer while the aviation industry continues to be rocked.

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