Delta Flight Attendant On $250K Salary Aged 79 Fired For Stealing Milk

Delta Air Lines, having gained a reputation lately for its smooth and agile public relations, may have bitten off more than it can chew after firing a very senior Flight Attendant who has worked for the airline since 1962. All over a carton of milk. Or was it?

A Delta flight attendant was fired in June for taking a carton of milk off a plane. Photo: Delta News Hub.

Ida Gomez Llanos, 79, has been a Flight Attendant with Delta Air Lines for 59 years. She was raking in a sweet USD$250,000 per annum plus perks. But a stellar career has ended in a mire of litigation and ‘he said, she said’ allegations.

It’s a tough gig as a flight attendant

In April 2019, Ms Gomez Llanos was suspended (and later fired) for taking a carton of milk off a plane. Things get a little murky here. In her lawsuit, Ms Gomez Llanos says she bought the carton of milk at a supermarket before flying. But then she told The Daily Mail that her line manager gave her permission to take the milk off the plane.


There are also scurrilous allegations of fabricated reports by management, of cereal packets going into handbags, unauthorized chocolate bars eaten, and cups of coffee been upgraded with a top-up or two of Baileys.


If I had to smile and be nice to everyone for 59 years, I’d want more than a slug of Baileys in my coffee to keep me going.

It seems things can get a little treacherous in Delta’s galleys. (File Photo) Photo: Delta News Hub.

The core of the problem seems to be Ms Gomez Llanos’ long-time incumbency and the stated and unstated perks that went with that. She was based at LAX where she was very senior in Delta Air Lines’ flight attendant pool. She was earning more than four times the average salary for a Delta flight attendant and got her pick of shifts and overtime.


However, it appears not everyone at LAX was thrilled with Ms Gomez Llanos exalted status at Delta. Younger, less financially rewarded colleagues who had to work in coach and local managers were said to be wearying of her and her profile. In June this year she was fired for stealing a carton of milk.

Not going quietly

But Ms Gomez Llanos isn’t about to quietly shuffle off to the flight attendant’s retirement village to play canasta and drink all those miniature bottles of booze any self-respecting FA would have been stockpiling over the previous decades. She’s suing Delta Air Lines, alleging an “ageist smear campaign by colleagues envious of her salary and perks.”

Ms Gomez Llanos is alleging wrongful termination based on age, gender, and other, more hard to prove factors such as jealousy and cost-cutting. According to PR Newswire, Ms Gomes Llanos has complained of being harassed and discriminated against for years, but airline management did nothing.

“Llanos, as the lawsuit alleges, earned highly coveted work-related privileges as a result of her years of service that caused resentment in younger staff who were vying for the same privileges, which led to various forms of retaliation. The perks Llanos had earned included the ability to be first to choose flights, as well as the ability to take on additional flights.

“Prior to her termination, Llanos experienced age and sex-based discriminatory, retaliatory and harassing conduct by supervisors and coworkers, as well as bullying and false accusations by coworkers. Despite lodging written complaints to the company, the conduct Llanos sustained was not remedied.”

Ms Gomez Llannos smiled and was nice to people for 59 years straight. (File Photo) Photo: Delta News Hub.

A spokesperson for her legal team at Shergerian and Associates, Carney Shegerian, said;

“Ms Gomez was a loyal, diligent, hardworking Delta employee for more than five decades.

“Delta’s alleged actions should not be tolerated, and it must be held accountable for the discrimination, retaliation and harassment alleged in Ms Gomez’s lawsuit.”

Spot of previous form here

Back to the aforementioned cereal incident. There was an allegation in 2018 that Ms Gomez Llanos was saving on grocery costs and took nine cereal packets off a flight. She claims it was staged sabotage by jealous colleagues envious of her. Nonetheless, she received her first write up in 55 years and, after further warnings, was placed on probation early this year.

Then the milk thing happened.

In a statement, Delta Air Lines said;

“When a violation of company policy is identified or inappropriate conduct is reported, Delta conducts a thorough investigation to determine the course of action – considering many factors, including the employee’s overall performance record and length of service. Decisions like these are not made lightly or without a comprehensive review by many.”

Who knows what went down or what was said in that hotbed of politics that is the LAX Delta Air Lines flight attendants pool. As for Ms Gomez LLanos, it was probably a mix of human nature, entitlement, jealousy, misunderstandings, and being time to go.


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Farhan Nazar

The article: has a section titled "It's a though gig in flight attendant land"

Gerry S

Article states: “It’s A Tough Gig As A Flight Attendant” mean It’s hard work. Mr. Curran than closes with the humorous line (referring to the milk she allegedly stole) that Delta would probably replace her with a LACTOSE Intolerant attendant. And this would be dull. He’s being funny, Farhan. Not mean. Get it? (lol)

S. Walker

Its a ploy to get rid of her. manufacturer BOEING is capable of doing the same deal pro their employees. I know this first hand.
Worked in the industry for 30 yrs. Saw this type of discrimination happening constantly.
When they want you gone – they will lie, make up things;, unless you have documented everything; you will get screwed.


These younger inflights are just jealous and immature and just wanna fly around the world without even putting in as much time as this woman. She paved the way for y’all but a carton of milk is just a lame excuse. Delta y’all gotta pay up.

MS, Delta flight Attendant

Bottom line is she is a thief and has probably done this her whole career

Non Delta flight attendant

if she has been stealing, she won’t have lasted that long in her job. If the company has allowed staff to take items home and has allowed that to happen for a prolong period of time, it becomes the organisation culture and staff begin to expect to take those stuff home whether written or not.


How did she pave the way? She’s a flight attendant.
Boomers have such an inflated view of their noncontribution to the world.

Farhan Nazar

Also the article: Generalized you flight attendants as intolerant and dull.

Keith Dunlop

Smacks of any excuse

Andrew Smith

Will never flight with Delta again, need milk?I will give ten gallons for what ever you say Mss.Gomez took, Shame on you, the CEO should be fire now.

Sam Rittler

The fact that the flight attendant stole milk is DISGUSTING. I will NEVER fly Delta!


Not enough for a 60 year employee to be fired. They wanted her out. I would have retired. The stress is not worth it.

MS delta flight attendant

Shes a thief

Non Flight Attendant

It look like Delta is making her look a thief because of her age

John Silk

If she bought the milk wouldn’t there be a barcode and expiration date and that would prove she bought it at a store

Fred VonFirstenberg

Something tells me it’s proper to call bullcrap to your threat. Something tells me you may never have flown, let alone have any intention to fly Delta.

I’m so glad the world is full of idiots such as yourself, idiots being judge, jury, and executioner for the company’s CEO over something you have absolutely no way of knowing what actually happened.


Remember political correctness at its best. Businesses are evil don’t you know, those greedy SOB’s. As a small business owner I’ve seen the most trivial things tried to be turned into mountains. I’m sure their human resource department thought this out long and hard before taking action. There is definitely more to this. People need to realize business 101 ,states the business of business is business. Millennials who usually hate older people are the first ones to jump on this wagon. LOL

Manuel Sanchez

I am a flight attendant for Delta been flying for 23 years. I fly high time and earn about $165k a year. Delta is one of the best places to work!!! I work the best routes with some of the most senior flight attendants some are good and some are bad. Some junior flight attendants are good and some.are bad. Theft is a big problem for airlines not only milk but alcohol. There are numerous flight attendants who steal from.the airline every trip! We earn good money. There is no need to steal milk of alcohol! Bottom line she is… Read more »

Vincent Hill

Actually we will know, its called discovery. Discovery is a beautiful thing. Get you a account and see for yourself.

Fred VonFirstenberg


Adrian Schouten

Making $250,000, I’m sure you can afford to buy a carton of milk, she’s as cheap as the pilots.


There is so much more to this story than what’s been printed. Delta didn’t really do anything wrong. If you think milk is all she stole in 59 years imagine the things that left with her pre TSA days lol

Mari Boog

That’s what a thorough investigation would will tell.

Niklas Andersson

mmmm Questions… nearly 60 years within Delta…How to celebrate this… Champagne or Milk…
Please Delta, You are more worth than this… Don’t get to the wrong Spirit (Airline)… Reward this devoted person by given HER… the real DELTA on her Shoulder




This is the REAL Delta.


Is the picture above of Ms Gomez Llanos? She looks good for someone 79 years old. Wonder what her secret is!!!

Gerry S

Me too.

Steven G.

No, none of those pictures is of her.

Kathy W

Agreed, In my younger days banging stewardesses and nurses in the white uniforms of the time was always a fun hobby of mine.

r m reddicks

Down, Jeffrey. Down boy.

No one

Sexist much??

James Brown
Marc Rettus

No, she really looks like she is 79 years old. I am not being mean, I am just stating a fact.


That’s not her.


Amen to that!



Gerry S

Frankly, I am amazed at this woman’s age and salary. That’s almost up there with a middle pilot’s salary.WOW! And to think that when my cousin wanted to become one my uncle dissuaded her by claiming she wanted to be a “glorified maid”.Had she pursued it, I see now, she would have been a whole lot richer. And never have to retire. Ms Gomez looks spectacular. On the business side of things,however, all airlines(including my beloved Delta) are involved in cost-cutting. I wish Ms Gomez the best. And again, she looks spectacular.

Marc Rettus

That picture is a stock photo. It is not the woman featured in the article.

The Robster

Middle pilot? Try senior……$250k+ pa is a shed load of dosh. Why take the milk and 9 pacs of cereal off?Because she got greedy, that’s why. The more people earn, the more they want.


I think, you meant to say senior pilot. My husband flies for a major (not this one) and her salary is pretty hefty. I think it is about age, honestly, I wouldn’t want to work at her age but clearly she desired to and could. I assure you many waters, mini bottles and food items go missing at the end of a flight. The ironic part of that, in my opinion is that everything the company paid for such as commissary items just get tossed out and a new batch comes in. Every. Single. Flight. The milk she “stole” was… Read more »


I agree 100 percent

Gert Venter

I flow every time with Delta from SA to USA. And back and all I can say it the best for me. Flight attendants are 200% the service I ever had. Al the Captains are proffesional. Love Delta

Gerry S

My airline of choice.


While there are always two sides to every story (or 3, theirs,ours and the truth), how capable is a 79 year old woman..or even a man at that age? If pilots are forced to retire at 65, why not all flight crew?


Well Mark, I think the reason Delta pilots are required to retire at 65 (& not the crew members) is because they’re flying the plane.. 😉
If Delta doesn’t want older crew members, they should change their policies… What happened to Mz Llano is completely biased, unfair…and probably illegal.

Manuela de Lima



? If pilots are forced to retire at 65, why not all flight crew?
I’ll give you a little help. Pilots control giant sky machines with hundreds of lives at stake. FA’s attend to passenger comfort and hand out snacks….

Robert McMillan

Remember that next time a flight attendant has to evacuate a burning aircraft in three minutes. Stealing a carton of milk might be a sign of early dementia.


That’s an ignorant comment

Lalo Galo

Actually they learn lots of safety protocols


If you take care of yourself and live a clean life (eat well and exercise), working beyond normal retirement should be acceptable and fine. Life doesn’t end after you reach 65!


That might be true. I’m not the youngest myself. But I enjoy being attended by a younger flight attendant, like it was in the old days. Someone 79 years of age should enjoy tending his or her’s grandchildren or pets or whatever. (Although: if someone is willing to pay me 250K a year at that age, I would jump burning hooples if the’d ask me)


It’s this kind of attitude that will cause her to win. They didn’t fire her for being incapable. Age discrimination is illegal. Suggesting she should be home taking care of grandkids is ageist.


Sexist too

Non flight attendant

People do have choice you know and shouldn’t have to be made to sit at home or babysit because of their age. That’s ageist assumption.
Loneliness at old age is a disease that kills quicker than you can tell.

Manuela de Lima


Ettamae Hasnogoats


Curt Gibson

I agree. Why have stewards? They are supposed to help in case of emergency. Will this lady help an overweight passenger exit in an emergency? If not, then why is she there?

Non flight attendant

She knows her own strengths. Some younger people can’t lift a fly


As it happens, Ms. Gomez-Llanos was my son-in law’s FA in business class on Christmas day 2018, LAX to Haneda, Japan. He was seated in a row of one window seat. (The rest of the family members were seated across from him.) Although our FAs were okay, my daughter and I were rather jealous that Matt got to have Ms. Gomez-Llanos as his FA. During the entire flight she was friendly, attentive, and efficient. We all remarked that she was one of the best FAs any of us had ever experienced on any flight; an FA who clearly loves her… Read more »

Scott Beamer

FAA regulations require mandatory retirement at age 65 for pilots.

anuela de Lima

Pilots have to fly the plane. Get it?

Robert McMillan

Flight attendant has to deal with 🔥 heart attack, emergency evacuation. I don’t want grand ma in those situations. Get it?

Etta Hasnogoats

How do you know “grandma” is not capable?


Yeah, I get it. My dad was a pilot, and right now my sister and brother-in-law are both pilots for one of the US3. My issue is if a pilot is still of sound mind, and passes their medical tests and training, why make them retire at 65? If they are still capable to fly, let them.

Gerry S

That was my opinion too. But I was afraid to say so. Didn’t want to be politically incorrect. Kinda best around the bush, I did. Some folks on here are pretty fierce.

James DeGraffenried

Impossible to earn that much! Top out pay is 69$ and a typical trip is only worth between 23 to 26 hours for 3 days. You cant fly more than 6 days in a row per FAA regulations for rest. So without taking vacation or any breaks the most she could have made is 172000$. Add in some bonuses like profit sharing at 12% for what you make for the year would add another 21000. So just shy of 200000. That is Gross pay. Am i doinf the math wrong or is she embellishing the teuth to get simpathy? I… Read more »

Capt. Jeffrey C.Hathorn ATP,FETJ,CFI,MEI,AGI, BFI

What the heck?! A flight attendant being paid $250.000 a year for a job that requires no education or license?! Three weeks of training and off you go- Shame on Delta’s management. If that is “ managing “ costs and running an airline ; I certainly would not be an investor in that leaky boat.
Everyone needs to earn a decent living, but that is rediculous.


Jeffery, u missed the whole issue here. U sound upset because she makes more then u. R we jealous? Get a different job.


I have pilots flying private jets that dont earn close to that, think she bullsh1tting her salary.

G Alex

Your envious!! & Ingnorant!!

Glenn A



I don’t understand why this is being downvoted. That is a ludicrous salary for a flight attendant. It’s certainly a job that requires some sacrifices being away from home more the your average person and patience to deal with rude customers, but give me a break. You don’t need a reason to fire somebody, Delta should just come out and admit they fired her over her salary.

Manuela de Lima




Damn, all those “certifications”, and you still can’t spell the word ridiculous correctly.


Texting while flying, I’m thinking.

Jane Ellen



Well, your education didn’t go all that great…… ridiculous is spelled with two ‘i’s.


Perhaps no education is required at the time of hire, when you have a faithful, exemplary and dedicated employee who shows up every day, that should be worth it’s weight in gold to any company for which she may work. This is clear age discrimination, something I was a victim of myself. ALL flight attendants walk off with things, they have for years. No excuse for what they did to her. I hope she wins her suit.

Manuela de Lima



Clearly you are 40 years behind what the job market has become under your stewardship and politics.
Utterly clueless.


Her high salary is as a result of pay raises granted over her years of service.

Preston Genius

Wow look at all those titles! I wonder what leaky boat you work for, hiring an idiot like you..

Roman R

Lighten up, captain Alphabet, $250k/year is not that much in the US big cities!

The Robster

It is for a trolley dolley mate!

Jane Ellen

It’s NOT 3 weeks it’s 8 weeks of training. and although I personally wouldn’t fly after 65, it is her right to as long as she is healthy and passes her required recurrent training. Having flown 22 years I can say these incidents are entirely possible but highly unlikely. There is probably more to this story. As for her supposed $250,000 yearly salary. She would have to be picking up a few extra trips per month,maybe including her stock options,perhaps a little or a lot exaggeration(?)(and really have no life whatsoever). You have to fly back to back to back.Ive… Read more »


No such thing as right to employment.
Boomers dont know their own policies.

Dianna G. Inmon


Kelly Winner

As an airline employee at another airline (union) we are allowed to take off the plane unused perishable items to be consumed on a layover. What’s Delta’s policy on MILK? Seems like they were looking for a reason, or creating one.


Agreed, on all long haul flights, I see many FA eating uneaten tray of economy food or snacking between passenger service. After all they are human beings too.


She had prior incidents in which she was written up: “she received her first write up in 55 years and, after further warnings, was placed on probation early this year.”

She continued with this behavior afterward.

She was fired because of this.



Obvious pretext by setting her up with a bogus earlier write up. Any regular flyer has seen attendants taking things like cereal, snacks or cans of soda off a flight.


Delta needs a union period!!!

Vincent Hill

Its called pretext.


Flight attendant is a safety related position. They are not simply smiles and coffee servers. Pilots have a mandatory retirement age. Why not the rest of the safety crew?

mike c

Totally agree, Keith. I fly the same international route 20 – 30 times a year on United. There is a flight attendant I regularly see on this flight. She has got to weigh somewhere around 250 lbs. If there were an emergency, she would only be an obstruction in the way of passengers. I don’t understand why age and physical health are not considered to be safety issues.


Why not? Because it was ruled ILLEGAL in the US.


No such thing has ever happened Dm322.
Ive been asked in every interview if i can lift x lbs, usually 50. If it’s part of job desc, it’s part of job desc.
You boomers dont even know the policies you’ve enacted in the last 40 years.

Paul G.

Fire somebody for a box of milk that is going to be thrown out (as perishable product) anyway? After 59 years of service? You should reward her for such a long dedicated commitment.

Jimmy jim

If you lie about the small things you probably lie about bigger things. She doesn’t make 250k. That’s a lie. She doesn’t pick up overtime shifts, we don’t have overtime shifts. And since 75% of Delta Flight attendants are at top salary, there is not real economic benefit to fire her for cost savings.

She is not being honest

Im a flight attendant for delta so I’m aware of our pay etc

Mary Fxston

The author of the piece is the one who used the term “overtime”, I suspect, not someone associated with the FA.

If she didn’t make $250k, it would certainly benefit the employer to deny it in this instance, no?


So after working for Delta for over 50 years, obviously she would be topped out, plus other perks, plus profit sharing. Wouldn’t she be close to that amount??


She got her choice of assignments, layovers and schedule. Only because she had tenure over others.

She didn’t complain about ageism then, eh?



There’s a difference between seniority and ageism.


No there isn’t.
Could just as easily say “there’s a difference between a fresh eager more pleasing face capable of doing more and with greater enthusiasm … and ageism.”

70 years experience moving dollies isnt worth what she thought it was.
Especially when she cant help anyone with overhead bins at that age.

Carla W

Had a friend whose father had worked for the airlines for years. Decades later he passed away, and that’s when we discovered several dozen very old miniature booze bottles stashed around his home. He didn’t drink. Must have taken them for friends and guests, but he never used them and so they sat unopened for about 25 years or more. We threw them out.

Gerry S

You threw out aged booze? Good God, woman, where’s your decency? Lol.

Bill Fleenor (former flight attendant)

I’m suspicious of the $250,000 dollar salary and age. Could she safely evacuate a plane ??

Non flight attendant

I suppose with her experience and skills.
There are some youngsters who can’t lift a fly!

Sophia mundis

What does this FA look like. Why are you posting pictures with this story of folks that have NOTHING to do with the story?


Must be a typo in this story. No flight attendant earns $250,000 a year.


That is not her base salary. That is her average gross pay after OT and other premium pay. That might include any optional benefits that the airline pays towards as well, think matching 401(k), health insurance, stock options, retirement fund, optional disability, etc. At time and a half, it only takes about a $95K salary and working as much OT as straight time, to get you right at $237,500. The key here is, do Delta FA’s receive overtime pay at 1.5 their hourly rate? Employees engaged in duties during the operation of common carriers are FLSA exempt, and employers are… Read more »

Mary Fxston

Apparently, the idiot airline doesn’t have a salary-bonus cap. It would surely mention if she lied about compensation in her complaint.

Marie Ortiz

Meanwhile the younger flight attendants are dumping the minis into their bags. If you go to any flight attendants house you’ll see what I mean.

Yo mamma

Do you go to many flight attendants houses?

Hubert wilhelm

Shame on Delta, but does Corporation are like Artificial Intelligence !
They should be more respectful after so many Years of Service.
Who really wants to do that kind of Job anyway ?
I’m not supporting that Outfit at all


Delta should be ashamed!

Marc Rettus

Anyone making a harsh decision on this based on the article is infantile. Really, do you really make decisions based on one article, stating one side of the issue? Good grief.

In another article, she states that she was accused of sleeping on the job, and stealing chocolates. She says letters from passengers proved that to be wrong. How?

I hope justice prevails.


250K for a flight attendant?!?! That’s crazy. … but no moreso than the crazy money pilots earn considering every time a new plane comes out, the pilot has less work to “fly” it. Delta has a strict policy against employees taking food. With her seniority, she knew the rules. At that salary, she could easily bring milk with her, stopping at any restaurant in the concourse, showing her ID and getting a 50% discount! Us mechanics spend up to 16 hours a day at the airport and either bring our lunch, or buy it at the airport. Maybe this old… Read more »


The airport discount is only 10%, not 50%. Mechanics do amazing work. I always appreciate the line guys taking care of business in crappy weather and late/early hours. But if you really are a mechanic, you would know that planes are making certain aspects easier while making others more difficult. Flight attendants put up with pretty serious crap. They certainty don’t make 250k, but I wish they did based on the crap they go through and responsibility they have.


Preach brother!
Her job isn’t worth 250k. Straight up. They should have offered her a 90% paycut and left it at that.
– AvTech

Abe froman

I find it interesting that she is a union employee and yet there is no comment from the union. There has to be more to this than just milk. Normally these matters are contested in arbitration by the union so seeing this is in a lawsuit tells me the union agrees with her termination

Matthew O'Brien

Delta flight attendants are not union employees

Mary Fxston

Delta FAs are not unionized.


It is a shame that Delta doesn’t have a union and that is a problem. That’s why they can do what they want.


Let’s wait for the lawyers and judges to figure it out .

Jeffrey Epstein

At least no one did to her what the Clinton’s did to ME!


Blasst they did not say the photo was her. They said she smiled for 59 years at the flying public. What does it matter what the woman looks like at 79 years old? Did you expect her to look 40? This clearly had nothing to do with a carton of milk, and Delta should be ashamed. It has as much to do with milk as Comey’s firing had to do with his damaging Clinton’s shot at a fair election. Zero. With those benefits I can see why she wasn’t interested in retiring. Nonetheless she played by the established rules and… Read more »


As a recently retired Delta flight attendant, NO flight attendant makes 250k!!

Mary Fxston

How do you know? Wouldn’t Delta claim she lied about compensation in her complaint?

Old Cowboy

Did she lose her pension/retirement benefits by her firing?


I was a FA for many years and agree that many people are able to do this job past normal retirement but there is a limit. This year I took my normal vacation in the UK and was on board Delts with a very senior crew, this being a prime assignment. For the first time l realized what that limit entails. The FA were rude,grumpy and spent more time sitting than serving. My seat mate accidentally hit his attendant call button and could not figure out how to turn it off. After having a FA pass the row at least… Read more »


Poor service can come at any age. For my money, I’d rather have a baby boomer for a flight attendant than a millenial.


I suppose if guys that old can be President,she can evacuate a planeload of passengers in an emergency, but I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it. How about a mandatory retirement age for politicians and cabin attendants?

Charlie Miami

How about a minimum voting age? Say the same as the minimum age a politician has to be in order to serve. Good idea, right?

joe Razan

DELTA HAS NO UNION ! How dumb are the flight attendants! it is the one work place you need one! DUMB! Plus the purple uniforms are making them sick!


Unions are a double edged sword. And the uniforms are affecting less than 1% of employees and Delta is spending millions to fix it.

Krish Mohan

Delta just flew into my “No Fly List”.


To me, I think she should retire. Let other people who has family to support who has mortgage need to me paid to work.


Jealous! No one should ever be forced to retire if they still do their job well.

Union strong

Happens all the time. Management should be ashamed in their witch-hunt to rid senior, higher-paid employees for the smallest infractions. All this while executives take exorbitant, eye-opening compensation packages. Suggest all employees stand together in solidarity and protect each other. Junior employees will one day top out the payscale and you too will find yourselves in the company’s crosshairs. Nothing would make the company happier to get rid of a higher-paid senior employee and replace with a lower-paid junior employee.

Mary Fxston

When it’d be simple to institute a compensation cap, I can only see the need for fabricating fireable offenses as nonsensical, which doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Employers are run by humans, and humans do stupid things. Policy does not equal contractual provision or equate to law, and both are subject to change.


My guess is that Delta Airlines found some fallacious pretext to fire this flight attendant because she was 79, had worked for Delta for 59 years and was costing too much in terms of salary & perks.


Flight attendants top out around 20 years. This FA had the exact same compensation as most other FA’s. And for the record, FA’s don’t have a salary, they have an hourly wage with an hourly minimum per month guaranteed. It’s not even close to 250k.

Mary Fxston

Delta could simply institute compensation cap and REDUCE her compensation for no reason other than that cap, so …

Marcel Viens

Things to consider: 1. Not one of us, nor the author of this article are privy to anything contained within her personnel file. 2. There are two sides to every story – it’s obvious this is one-sided as no dialogue is present. 3. The company is bound by privacy laws and is prohibited from making a statement that reveals any details of this action. 4. The employee is free to share whatever she likes, be it fact or fiction. 5. All of us should take caution to jump on any verdict… that’s how justice plays out properly. 6. Is it… Read more »


Exactly right. Thank you for posting this.

Tamara S Montanya

Yup. All valid points. I had the same thought regarding difference between salary and personal income.

Mary Fxston

Thought I posted this earlier (and unfortunately, the carriage returns/formatting didn’t convey-sorry!), but … “Not one of us, nor the author of this article are privy to anything contained within her personnel file.” You don’t know that for a fact, though you’re free to believe it. “There are two sides to every story – it’s obvious this is one-sided as no dialogue is present.” “Dialog” needn’t be present, and the above appears to present assertions by both sides. 3″The company is bound by privacy laws and is prohibited from making a statement that reveals any details of this action.” To… Read more »

Marcel Viens

Mary, It’s clear you are way outside on this entire issue. Nice try.

john doe

The company probably was looking for excuses to fire an old flight attendant making way too much money. more money that most pilot actually. I was an aircraft mechanic for delta and a contract mechanic for basically every other airlines and taking food off the plane was a normal occurrence for EVERY employee. When I worked for american air as a baggage handler I used to see the mechanics and gate agents form a posse and head to the recently landed 757 when everyone was off the airplane and they raided the hell out the of the plane leaving with… Read more »


In response to Mark, my mother-in-law worked to 75 and volunteered at an elementary school til 90. When the neurologist asked her to push him, she literally pushed him out of the office and landed in his chair-20 feet. Well, he never made that request to her again.

Matthew O'Brien

Age discrimination is a tough issue. Airline pilots are required to retire at age 65, and for a while that number had dipped to age 60, so it’s not like there isn’t official age discrimination in the aviation industry. I was actually quite surprised to know that it was even possible for a flight attendant to continue working at anything like age 79 (I would have guessed that it would be the same max age as for pilots since both pilots and flight attendants are the primarily for your safety, to quote the safety briefing of old).


The milk was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This flight attendant had a reputation for a reason. Age and gender discrimination is a joke. There are plenty of other senior female flight attendants that get first pick at other bases.


I envy her legal team. That’s going to be a great settlement for her against delta. I would say possibly 3 -4 million, 40 percent to the legal team. She will have to retire. The balance going to her for a nice little adition to her retirement package. Not bad at all………

Martha Johnson

Don’t believe everything you read. I have a friend who works with her and apparently, this lady is a complete nightmare to work with. And the reason she makes so much money is because she is flying nonstop and sleeps in the break room until she can fly again.


Really 250k airline agent?…wow im bout ready to quit my job..


Ha! I’m right there with you.


Should have voted YES in 2002 2008 & 2010
Live better work Union !!!!!

lou h

first of all, although I am unsure, but I seriously doubt that a fA makes$250,000. a YEAR.I have worked in the industry for many years, and for a few different airlines. Even with all the seniority. Second, ask any FA if they have. ever. taken anything off an airplane, and I am nearly positive, that most have at some time. people have even named their boats, by ” ACRYNONMS ‘” …..SO BEFORE YOU JUDGE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA, GET ALL THE FACTS, this is out right discrimination.

Jeanne M Ernst

I will never fly Delta again. Drink Milk!


Was she an original F/A with Delta or one that came in with a merger (Western or Northwest) with a grudge because she no longer had a union to babysit her?